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6 Weebly Alternatives

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Our Weebly alternatives list comprises of options that allow you to create your very own website. If you thought that the whole process of making your own online space was a tedious task, well think again. Similar to the service in the spotlight here, all of the following choices enable you to create beautifully layered portals with minimal effort. Even a novice could end up forming a great-looking website within no time. The different options found here help you share your ideas with the world by splashing them across the internet in the form of an aesthetically pleasing website.

1 – Yola:

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Founded in 2007, this website hosting company based in San Francisco allows you to create a professional-looking portal in just minutes. Similar to the service in question, this one too proffers an easy drag and drop functionality which means you won’t require any formal technical know-how. You can further opt from a slew of fully customizable styles and put your own spin on things by adding videos, photos, forms, and maps, among other things. And if you consider yourself an advanced user, you can easily add HTML, sitewide CSS and edit images online. There’s even a Site Creation Wizard that will help you get your ad-free website up and running in no time. And although it’s free to start with, you can choose from a trio of other schemes like Bronze, Silver, and Gold which are priced at just under $5, $10 and $20 per month, respectively.

2 – Wix:

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This freemium online platform in our sites like Weebly roster lets you create unique websites by allowing you to alter different aspects like text, pictures, colors, and backgrounds just the way you want. The drag and drop website editor also provides HTML5 capabilities minus any coding complications. You can turn to this interesting entrant for creating a personal portfolio or even a business website.

Whatever be your requirement, you’ll surely find an apt design from the 100 customizable ones available here. You’ll also be able to espy videos, tutorials and step-by-step demos that show you how to create your online portal. There are loads of fonts, music bits, menus and pictures you can take advantage of here. And besides a free account, you can opt for premium plans that start at just under $5 per month.

3 – Jimdo:

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‘Free, fast, professional,’ is the call to arms here. Within just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create your very own online space, as the brains behind this endeavor reveal. You get to choose exactly how you want your portal to appear – colorful, minimalist or professional, all thanks to the availability of different layouts and the custom interface. And if you’re a photography enthusiast, you can proudly display all your pictures across dedicated image galleries.

Some of the other things you can do during your stay here is writing a blog, add your tweets, send out a newsletter, start an online business, link your Facebook page and embed YouTube videos. There are 3 types of editions namely Free, Pro and Business to avail of here.

4 – Moonfruit:

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This UK-based web hosting company proffers a do-it-yourself website builder which helps you to create your own profession-looking portal or online shop with ease. You can set up a website that represents your unique identity by exploiting the various options scattered across here. As the developer of this innovative service like Weebly states, there’s a vast library of images, backgrounds, animations and customizable templates you can choose from.

The gem also ropes in a ShopBuilder feature that automatically publishes your eStore onto the internet, Facebook or mobile space. You can opt from a free edition or subscription-based paid accounts namely, Standard, Plus and Max which are priced at $12, $20 and $35 per month, respectively.

5 – Webs:

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Here you can create your own professional-looking portal by employing the easy website building tools provided by the makers of this interesting inclusion. It sports an easy-to-use drag and drop interface so no technical skills required at any point. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you’ll have a new website up within minutes. There’s a large gallery of professionally designed templates for you to choose from.

What’s more, you can also add your own touch by altering the color scheme, background, custom logo and tagline. You’ll even be able to create a carousel, share photos and add videos to further enhance the appearance of your portal. Coming to the pricing schemes, you can begin for free and upgrade to Starter, Enhanced and Pro versions which are tagged at just under $4, $8 and $17 per month, respectively.

6 – Webnode:

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This site like Weebly calls you to create your own website absolutely free of cost. It’s a great solution to turn to for creating business, personal or e-commerce websites just the way you want. There are tons of modern templates to opt from that cater to all these needs and then some. You can further utilize your own domain or register a new one directly through this website. The intuitive contender also comes complete with support for SEO and advanced SEO techniques. You can even add different sections to your vibrant websites like site stats, photo galleries, full-text search, product catalogs and polls. And finally, besides opting for the free edition, you can get your hands on a trio of other versions such as Mini, Standard and Profi which are individually priced at just under $3, $10 and $25 per month.


Through the web-hosting service in question here, you could create your own website and fill it with business-related information or content that reflects your creative spark. Whatever be the need, you could use its drag-and-drop website building capabilities to make your own portal with ease. Similarly, the aforesaid mentions in our Weebly alternatives lineup proffer simple tools that allow you to create wonderful online portals without seeking any help from a professional. So try them out and let us know which ones you would rely on the next time you plan to launch your own website.