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6 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

web-design It can feel daunting enough starting a website, never mind having to entirely overhaul and redesign an already existing one. However, there comes a time where doing exactly that is what is necessary to keep your business modern, attracting customers and staying high up on search engine results pages.

When redesigning your website, look to experts in web design who can help you do it quicker and better for a reasonable price. These six signs tell you that it’s time to make that decision.

Reduced traffic

One way you know your website needs to be redesigned is if it is experiencing a reduction in traffic compared to usual. Perhaps you started your website at the beginning of the internet age, or you took your business online before your competitors, but now your site just doesn’t cut it. Not producing new content will drop your website further down search engine results, and those who do find your home page are less likely to click around inside your website if it is poorly designed or boring. Therefore, a new design should increase both incoming and internal website traffic.

No blog pages

You should consider redesigning your website if it has no designated location for a blog element; you should consider it even more so if you have no blog element at all. Blogs create interest, give readers information and drive traffic towards your product or services pages. They attract new customers and entertain existing ones. Giving your blog a good looking, functional home is a must.

No links to social media

Linking to your social media pages is an essential part of modern website design. Connecting all of your online presence – social media, website, blog, online store and more – keeps customers clicking around within your brand. It takes no time at all to install some social media widgets, so start redesigning now.

Drop in sales

A fantastic website will sell itself. If you are experiencing a drop in online sales, then the chances are your website is no longer doing the business and needs to be modernised. A well-designed site should drive traffic towards your sales pages, while the marketing copy contained within it should be clear, concise and persuasive.

You don’t appear in Google

Take a moment to Google your industry or business name and see how high up the search results your website appears. Excellent website design contributes to search engine optimisation, playing the algorithms which get you found before your competitors. Both global and local SEO is essential. A company in the West Midlands of England, for instance, should look for web design Wolverhampton solutions to get themselves found in the area but also internationally through stunning website design.

It isn’t optimised for mobile

Finally, you should consider redesigning your website if your current one is not optimised for mobile. The number of smartphone users in the UK reached 55 million in 2019, and that number is only set to rise, with huge amounts of online shopping to be carried out.

If your website appears jumbled or confusing for smartphone users, then you are likely to be missing out on potential customers or clients and should rectify that as soon as possible.