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6 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Needs An App

ecommerce shopping The eCommerce industry recorded an increase in popularity way before the world had to deal with the current pandemic. eCommerce started to revolutionize the way people shop and the fact that people nowadays are not so flexible due to quarantine means that online shops will only be on the rise.

Logically, this means that more websites will be created but also that people will turn to apps. More and more businesses develop their own apps. Both the business owners and the consumers are aware of all the benefits that apps bring compared to the websites.

But are you aware of these benefits? If not, keep reading. Apps are something that can work wonders for your business.

1 – Mobile commerce is the new eCommerce

Mobile sales are slowly taking over the eCommerce industry. The metrics clearly indicate that more and more people make purchases using their smartphones. If you were to take a look at your sales metrics now, you would probably spot this same trend.

According to a study, almost 67% of all eCommerce sales come from mobile devices. And this figure is valid for the whole world, not only one or two regions. On top of that, there are projections that indicate that almost 75% of all eCommerce sales across the globe will be made from mobile devices within the next couple of years.

People are already used to shopping from mobile devices, as it is much more convenient compared to waiting to get on a computer. Many businesses have recognized this and released their own apps. Users that install them enjoy special benefits such as discounts, coupons, loyalty points, and special offers.

That is why it is important to figure out how to create an app as soon as possible. And don’t think of this as something that is yet to come in the near future. The trend is already here.

2 – A mobile app boosts customer loyalty

mobile app This may be the most important reason why you need to develop an app for your business. One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is the ability to create great brand loyalty.

As it was already mentioned, a lot of people are already using apps to shop. They do so because they prefer applications offered by their favorite brands in favor of the official websites.

A mobile app can make a better connection between online stores and their customers. Brands that develop their own business apps usually offer special deals or discounts to encourage people to download and install the app.

For instance, there were cases where pizza companies offered discounts or free desserts for people that downloaded and used their apps to order the dish. This was not offered to people that ordered the food ‘the old way’, using the webshop.

3 – Apps load faster than websites

It has become common knowledge that slow, unresponsive websites kill the whole business. Simply put, this kind of problem is a conversion rate destroyer. If you have an issue like this, you should look up some of the greatest eCommerce hacks that increase conversions.

Customers despite slow websites, so it would make a lot of sense for you to introduce an app for your business. Mobile applications have a huge advantage over websites (even when they are responsive) due to the fact that the best mobile eCommerce apps don’t need the internet connection to give users basic functionality such as product comparison or checking prices.

They effectively use a full-power performance of a smart device, while websites do need a permanent internet connection to update any piece of their content.

However, bear in mind that your app should be fast too since users tend to remove an app from their devices when it takes too much time to load.

4 – Apps can be used to boost the brand image

A mobile app can be used to boost your relationship with customers.

For instance, users willingly share links to their favorite websites, ask for feedback, and describe their customer experience on social networks.

With an app, you can integrate popular social media platforms into your application to let customers discuss your products and services.

This can be a powerful tool that you could use to build your brand’s reputation, promote your products, and thus attract even more attention to your business. On top of that, you can use push notifications to offer special deals, discounts, and even inform your audience of new giveaways.

5 – An app will provide you with important analytics

analytics app

It is possible to gather important data using your website only. However, gathering important data, tracking customer activity, and keeping an eye on behavioral patterns are easier with an app.

Mobile app functionalities allow you to monitor customers’ interactions and that gives you useful information about them, such as responsiveness to particular content and features, feedback, session length, and audience composition.

This may help deliver fixes and updates, create personalized content, develop an advanced marketing strategy, and efficient promotional campaigns. After all, the more you know about your customers, the greater your chances are of converting them.

6 – Safe and quick checkout

Cart abandonment is a problem that burdens dozens of eCommerce entrepreneurs on a regular basis. That is why a fast and secure checkout process can play a vital role if you want to avoid abandoned carts.

The faster you can service a customer’s needs and lead them through the checkout process and out the virtual doors of your eCommerce store, the more memorable the shopping experience is for them and the more likely they are to shop again in the future.

A mobile app allows your customers to save their payment options securely. This way, checkout can be achieved in a few clicks and without having to enter payment and shipping information for each purchase continuously. This eliminates a lot of the obstacles and problems associated with shopping online.

On top of that, most commerce apps are designed to accept all sorts of payments. This includes credit cards, digital wallet options, and other payment forms.

Figure out where your customers come from and how you can make it convenient for them to make payments. Some regions do not support Apple Pay, Venmo, and some other popular payment options that are a regular thing in the US.

Ready to develop your business app?

Mobile phones have already changed the way we go on about ordinary things in life. This includes the way we listen to music, watch our favorite TV shows, and even play games. And of course, mobile is changing the way we shop.

Apps created for businesses are becoming very popular and consumers are slowly beginning to expect them as part of any brand’s customer experience. That is exactly why your brand cannot afford to fall behind.