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6 Creative Ways to Market Your Local Small Business

business-innvoation What are some of the best ways to promote and market your local small business? What steps do you need to take to increase its visibility and awareness? Here are some useful tips to get you started.

  1. Create a Professional Image for Your Business

The first step is to increase brand awareness. To do so, you must build and maintain a professional image for your local small business. Start by creating a well-developed website with informational content. Use a professional web developer, graphic designer, and content writer to do the job right. Then, get a business phone number such as a local or toll-free number (separate from your personal number). If you decide to get one from a virtual phone service provider, like globalcallforwarding.com, you can get access to other cloud-based communication tools such as call forwarding, call recording, automated voice response, etc. All of these can set your business up as more professional.

  1. Target Clients Internationally with Virtual Numbers

Is the international expansion part of your business plan? You can take your small local business global by getting local or toll-free numbers for neighboring cities, states, and countries. For example, if your business is located in Singapore, you can get Singapore virtual phone numbers. These can include national, local, or toll-free numbers for Singapore. This way, you can target other parts of the country for sales calls. You can also purchase virtual numbers for neighboring countries and do business with them. Advertise these numbers on your website, social media posts, online ads, email marketing campaigns, and so on. This way, you can increase visibility in the areas you want to target.

  1. Socialize with Social Media

Social media is a good place to inform potential and interested customers about your brand, its services, and what you have to offer. Be present on the necessary social media platforms and engage actively. Use your posts to demonstrate experience and expertise. Offer information about your products, how to buy them, or how to use them, what the benefits are, and so on. You can also share promotions and run campaigns to increase engagement.

  1. Optimize Your Website

Use content writers or your own experiences to inform your audience about your industry, field, and products. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to optimize your website with educational content, good web development, and more, so that it can rank higher in search engine results. This way, when web visitors are looking for keywords connected to your business, they can find your local small business ranking well in the search results. This increases visibility and awareness. You can also use Google My Business to create an online directory entry for your business with necessary information such as contact details, office hours, website URL, reviews, and more.

  1. Promote with Contests, Discounts, & Giveaways

The best way to market your local small business is through promotional campaigns. Use contests, discounts, giveaways, holiday specials, and the like to grab viewer attention. Advertise these in your emails, social media posts, on your website, and other advertising platforms. You may also consider running a membership program where members receive additional discounts, freebies, exclusive products, etc.

  1. Provide Testimonials, Reviews, Case Studies

It would also be prudent to showcase your top reviews, feedback, or testimonials on your website and social media platforms. Potential customers would be interested to know how your product is doing and how other customers are interacting with it, what users are enjoying or struggling with, and so on. You can also include case studies that go more into depth to demonstrate how the product or service works for different types of clients, industries, projects, etc.