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Best Web Browsers for Windows OS

6 Best Web Browsers

With the number of options currently available to users, our main reason for short listing these candidates as the best web browsers are based on user accessibility, interface design, support for modern technologies like HTML 5, stability in conducting operations, speed and performance. Web browsers have always been the prime medium of communication with the internet. Also, with the emergence of numerous companies offering better enhancements and support through the use of various engines for delivering rich content and media over the internet, developers have taken up a competitive stand. So, whether you’re a social network addict or checking up on the daily news or entertaining yourself through online media, these web browsers for Windows should help allay the irritation caused by broken or partially loaded web pages to a certain extent.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Hosting a clean and intuitive user interface, the Google Chrome web browser is designed to speed up web browsing and decrease the loading time. Equipped with tabbed browsing, the application comes with a number of features like the Chrome Web Store for purchasing apps, games, add-ons and other content and built-in page translation. There’s also an Incognito mode that enables private browsing and customization by downloading and applying themes. What’s more, the software comes with integrated malware and phishing protection to keep you secure whilst browsing along with Adobe Flash Player technology that needs to be manually installed on most browsers.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is a convenient tool for accessing websites and media content over the internet. Bundled with a number of features, the application sports the Awesome bar that automatically completes links and provides suggestions based on the keywords entered. Then the Firefox button hosts all menu functions in a single place and a bookmark button for quickly viewing all saved and starred pages. Besides tabbed browsing, the app supports add-ons that introduce additional functions for a better web surfing experience.

3. Opera


Opera is a highly customizable web browser that allows you to create, reposition and remove buttons from a desired location or edit the entire layout. In addition to the private browsing mode, tab protection capabilities for preventing a page from being accidentally closed, you can re-size web pages and position them together for easier switching while working on several sites.

YouTube video

For producing higher performance in loading complex web pages, the software runs on the Carakan JavaScript engine and for security purposes, the tool is timely updated on exploits, viruses and phishing scams which will warn you if a site is identified as dangerous.

4. Safari


Although the Safari browser is mainly designed for the Mac OS, its compatibility with Windows-based systems has put it on our list of the web browsers for Windows. Supporting HTML5 and CSS coding, the application enables the geolocation service that allows you to share your location with certain sites. Hosting a clean interface, the scroll bar appears when the mouse is moved over it and the progress indicator is placed within the address field, providing you a larger view for browsing. Furthermore, the software is equipped with private browsing mode, auto fill function, cookie blocking and malware protection. Also, you can install plug-ins such as QuickTime Java, Real Player, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash player for a better browsing experience.

5. RockMelt


If you’re a social media fanatic, the RockMelt browser is just for you. With its main focus towards Google Search and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the application comes with an optional side bar which brings in features that will allow you to interact with Facebook friends through chat and it provides convenient access to your notification too. What’s more, Twitter can also be integrated into the software. Built around Chromium, Google’s open source project, the browser supports Chrome extensions and add-ons.

6. Lunascape


Wrapping in features from browsers such as Internet Explorer (Trident), Mozilla Firefox (Gecko), Google Chrome and Safari (Webkit), Lunascape allows you to choose the appropriate engine for surfing the web. This is meant to help in eliminating broken pages with just two clicks. Further on, the application is highly customizable with support for Firefox add-ons, more than 100 features and around 200 skins. The application is currently available in 12 languages and is slated to add more over time.

If you’re wondering why Internet Explorer didn’t make our list of the best web browsers, well that’s obviously because of its lack of stability. Although Microsoft is putting in efforts to improve the web browser, most people may agree that IE isn’t highly reliable from certain perspectives.