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Best Video Editing Softwares 2011

6 Best Video Editing Software

Given a thought to how interesting it would be to create, edit and share videos, our list of the six best video editing softwares of 2011 sure seems to be handy. If you are far from an advanced user and want to get just started with video editing then this list could grab your attention. What could further attract you is the free availability of the software options. Yes, you heard it right the software can be yours for free and is easily downloadable as well.

1 – Windows Movie Maker:

With a stack of images lying in that hard drive, ever thought of creating a video with an audio tune that gels in well? Windows Movie Maker comes to the rescue with its simple and easy to use interface and features. This free video editor lets you lay your hands rather fingers on thousands of effects to further spruce up usability. You would find it tedious get a hang of the interface and then on creating videos with images and audio would be simpler than one may have thought. It can be conveniently used with images as well as videos. On completion of the video exporting it in varying formats has been also made possible. Thought a tad simpler for advanced users, it comes across as an apt option for home users.

2 – YouTube Remixer:

YouTube is the largest video sharing community on the web and this isn’t the only reason why we decided to add the YouTube Remixer to our list of the video editing softwares. So, if you are one of those frequent YouTubers then you’d be glad to know that the tool enables editing videos directly within YouTube. With a quite familiar interface, the tool allows adding effects, graphics, text, audio and also overlay videos and transitions to your YouTube video. Now again, this may not include what advanced users are looking for. Moreover, it won’t cost you a penny.

3 – Apple iMovie:

The iLife ’11 iMovie ’11 packs in advanced features for Mac users. With superior functions, add-on and plug-in support, the video editing software comes free for consumers looking to buy a new Mac. Disappointingly, those who already own a device will have to purchase it. The friendly interface makes editing a freeze. Besides, it imports movies from compatible camcorders and cameras and also supports online sharing sites. The editing stretches to music, sound effects, themes, menus, titles, transitions, and more.

4 – Avidemux:

Whether your system runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, the next editing solution in our line-up could come to your rescue. The free open-source AviDemux editing tool not only works across several platforms but also supports a wide range of audio/video formats. This video editor lets you swiftly cut, filter and encode at ease. The software appears to be handy for efficient editing but obviously not before you get used to its interface and working (which may possibly take some time). It also supports automated task options like projects and job queue.

5 – Movie Masher:

Download MovieMaker, a free video editor to trim, composite and timeshift videos. Be it overlaying videos, adding effects and transitions or changing the contrast/brightness, this free of cost software is capable of it all. Mixing and fading of audio tracks is also possible. This editing tool gives you the liberty to blend video, audio, images and text. To download this free software, you will have to keep your system updated with Adobe Flash Player version 10 or above.

6 – Zwei-Stein:

The highlight of the free Zwei-Stein video editing software is its capability to combine different media formats. Further, you can create custom effects by blending varying effects. Automatic key frames allow easier cropping, panning and also custom effects. With numerous audio, video and picture tracks, you can group tracks in sub-groups (submixers) which can be changed later. Along with complete automation control of tracks and effects with keyframes, it also allows cross integration audio/video. Needless to say, this software can be downloaded for free.

Considering these options to be free, the features included could be watered. However, these best video editing softwares could suffice a novice or casual user. In case you have any other option, do let us know.