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6 Best Online Spyware Removal Tools

Best Online Spyware Removal

It’s the presence of unwanted guests lurking about our file systems that’s compelled us to put down our list of the 6 best online spyware removal tools. In most PCs it’s their presence that puts all personal and confidential information at stake. Hiding in plain sight, these files are difficult to spot without the help of specific programs. But, with the introduction of the cloud-based web applications, companies have made available an alternative which enables you to scan your PC eliminating the need for downloading or purchasing any software. Also, unlike anti-spyware apps many of you’ll have installed, the online scanners are automatically updated from their respective servers on a regular basis which makes them all the more convenient to use. And since they’re fast, why not give some of the 6 best online spyware removal tools stated below a go? It’s recommended that you run these cloud-based apps from the Internet Explorer web browser for better compatibility.

F-Secure Online Scanner 1. F-Secure Online Scanner: The online scanner comes with three options such as quick scan, full scan and my scan that conducts a relevant scan throughout the PC in search for viruses and spyware. Also, before beginning, make sure you have the version 6 update 10 of Java Runtime Environment and JavaScript enabled on the browser and administrative privileges as the application will require permission to download the necessary files for its operations.

Bitdefender Online Scanner 2. Bitdefender Online Scanner/Quick Scan: Compatible with Mac and Windows-based PCs, the Bitdefender Online scanner is a fast virus and spyware detection tool that runs from the cloud. Providing an alternative to the time consuming traditional virus scanners, the software is based on the same technology used in the Bitdefender antivirus software that double-checks the security status of the PC even if an antivirus program is installed. Additionally, the company also offers the quick scan feature that is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Symantec Security Check 3. Symantec Security Check: The spyware scanner utility is an efficient tool that tests the PC’s vulnerability and exposure to online threats like viruses and spyware. The free options include the Security Scan and Virus Detection modes that check for possible infractions from the internet and infection within the computer respectively.

ESET online scanner 4. ESET Online Scanner: Utilizing the ThreatSense engine that uses multiple layers of threat detection for an effective protection, the ESET online scanner is capable of removing security threats like viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing and spyware that infect computers, make them slow and open to attackers. On detection, the tool quarantines all files which can later be deleted or restored.

CA Threat Scanner 5. CA Online Threat Scanner: Besides scanning the PC for spyware, the Online Threat Scanner from CA detects malware and viruses as well. For better detection, the tool is regularly updated with new signature files. You can run the anti-spyware and antivirus scan for a complete check of infections or the Archive scan to search within compressed files from a variety of formats.

Panda ActiveScan 6. Panda ActiveScan 2.0: The convenient online spyware scanner ‘Panda ActiveScan 2.0,’ provides up-to-date protection for all known malware, vulnerabilities, spyware and also unknown threats. Using the latest technology, the tool is stated to provide advanced detection of infractions than traditional antivirus programs. On completion, you will receive a complete report on the computer’s status.

So there you have it, the 6 best online spyware removal tools for an added security measure. All aforementioned scanners are completely free to use whenever you feel like and on any PC. Although most of them support various browsers, we recommended using the latest version of Internet Explorer. For XP users IE 8 is the best you can get. Also, since these web-based apps don’t provide active protection, suitable software should be installed alongside safety precautions.