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6 Best iPhone Security Apps

Best iPhone Security Apps

The best iPhone security apps aid in protecting all your personal and business related data. Contact numbers of friends, family members and acquaintances as well as precious memories like photos and videos can all be safeguarded. So even if your device falls into the wrong hands, you can be rest assured that all your content is safe from prying eyes. Now there are a few options out there in the Apple App Store that actually make this possible. Here are the acme ones of the lot.

1 – Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone

Picture this: You’ve misplaced your iPhone on your way home and are about to have a panic attack. But before you erupt with worry, we suggest you think about the multiple ways available on iTunes that should help you get your gadget back. One such delight is the Find My iPhone app which allows you to locate your handset on a map and even protect the data stored within. All you have to do is download this application on another iOS-powered device and sign in by using your Apple ID. You are then free to execute any or all of the following actions. You can remotely lock your iPhone, erase all information and even have the software chime out a sound or display a message in order to alert passersbys about the lost smartphone.

Price: Free

2 – Lookout:


Much like the earlier inclusion in our iPhone security apps roster, Lookout is also a friendly application that enables you to connect with your lost gadget. But while Find My iPhone allowed you to do the same via only an alternate iOS device, this one lets you make contact through any web browser or phone. You can also back up all your important data in case such a scenario arises. A 2-way call between your handset in distress and the web or phone is also possible, even if there’s no SIM card in your device. Furthermore, you needn’t go through the agony of finding your lost piece all by yourself. The app gives you the liberty of forming a list of friends and family’s numbers to call in case some kind soul happens to stumble upon your lost property.

Price: Free

3 – Stash:


Looked upon as a private media and download manager, Stash has the ability to secure any type of data that ranges from business documents to photos and videos in your iPhone. Any number of separate accounts can be created complete with PIN protection, optional passwords and even decoy passwords. Taking the secrecy one step further, the software also enables you to set hidden accounts which will be revealed only after the owner performs a special gesture. This eliminates even the slightest hint that you’ve hidden something on your handset. And if while you’re accessing crucial data bits, a stranger happens to stroll by hoping to catch a glimpse of your touchscreen, you can quickly avail of the Boss button gesture to instantly conceal your activity. Other features include private bookmarks, history and cookies as well as unique hack attempt actions.

Price: $3.99

4 – 1Password Pro:

1Password Pro

The 1Password Pro application is the most expensive choice in our iPhone security apps list. But although you have to shell out a little less than $15, you can reap the plentiful benefits offered by it. With this gem stored in your Apple handset, you can safely sail through the internet waves as it securely stores all vital information and allows you to easily log into various websites with just a touch of the finger. So no need to scratch your head wondering what the usernames and passwords might be for all your favorite sites. Other data bits like membership numbers, credit card details and even sensitive notes can be jotted down via the 1Password Pro. And in the case of theft, the auto-lock and AES encryption protect your important information. There are also other reliable reinforcements such as unlock code and master password thrown into the amalgamation.

Price: $14.99

5 – GadgetTrak:


Here’s another solution you can avail of especially if your precious phone is stolen. Before you become a victim of woe, turn to the GadgetTrak app for some much needed solace. The app can generate location reports like longitude and latitude, map points and even the IP address. And if you’re dealing with a ‘techsmart’ thief who might want to get rid of GadgetTrak or any other application, you can also enable the ‘Deleting Apps’ restriction. What’s more, this software option has the ability to snap a picture of the unsuspecting burglar through the integrated iPhone camera. This will help the authorities apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Price: $3.99

6 – K9 Web Protection Browser:

K9 Web Protection Browser

In our iPhone security apps, we try to cover as much ground as possible. Here’s an application that helps parents control the type of content their children come in contact with via their Apple handsets. The K9 Web Protection Browser app blocks adult and potentially offensive sites as well as limits the access to parent-child discussion topics. Besides this, it also filters malicious and illegal websites as well as provides a Safari-like browser experience, according to the company. By displaying these interesting attributes, the K9 Web Protection Browser could very well be the tech version of man’s best friend.

Price: Free


With these aforementioned best iPhone security apps loaded into your Apple handset, you can breathe a sigh of relief and sleep soundly knowing that your information, pictures and contacts are out of harm’s way. Although, you may want to take a back up of the data just in case your phone becomes a victim of theft. So which ones did you already acquire? Do leave your comments on the same in the box below.