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6.1-inch LCD iPhone image leaked

6.1-inch LCD iPhone

Apple is reportedly going to launch a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone this year along with a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X and a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. It’s easy to guess what the latter two are going to look like since they’ll probably look similar to the iPhone X, but the LCD model is not as straightforward since it’s an entirely new device.

Here to fill in the gaps is a new leak which allegedly shows off the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone inside a Ghostek case. BGR says it got the render from a reliable source. It’s apparently based on detailed files obtained from a factory currently manufacturing the 2018 iPhones. Another source who claims they’re aware of Apple’s plans has also verified the image.

6.1-inch LCD iPhone Changes

Based on the photo, Apple is going to employ a slightly thicker bezel on its budget LCD iPhone as compared to its OLED ones. The problem with LCD is that it doesn’t bend as well as OLED, so it’s harder to hide the display controller at the bottom by just curving the edge.

This, in turn, means a thicker border at the bottom is necessary. Apple has seemingly decided to keep things even along the sides as well, which is why the bezels have increased all around. The notch is present right at the top with the full Face ID array.

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The cutout is said to be creating headaches for the company since it’s the first time Apple has tried a notch design on an LCD iPhone. Another big differentiator for the upcoming smartphone is its single rear camera. The lens looks much bigger than the one on the iPhone 8, so there are probably going to be major improvements in quality.

The iPhone X (2018) and iPhone X Plus are more likely to grab dual cameras given their premium status. Some say the latter could be blessed with 3 lenses for enhanced zoom among other benefits.