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5 Ways Wearable Tech Can Improve Your Life And Health Today

neorhythm Depending on our definition of technology, the first wearable tech (WT) was invented in the 13th century and is still used today by billions worldwide. Yep, it was eyeglasses and we cannot deny their impact or how they improved (and are still improving our lives). As the history progressed, WT is pretty much everywhere these days. But it’s more than just activity trackers now. Smart watches, biosensors, headbands and even contact lenses, all these devices are here to improve your life.

  1. Lower Your Health Care Costs

By switching from special-purpose medical devices to smart phones and watches, we can now track our medical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze it, saving doctor’s time and focus to help patients better. By using remote patient monitoring and telehealth, we could be saving nearly $210 billion per year across all conditions over the next 25 years in the US only. Imagine that number if we were to implement it worldwide? We guess it’s pretty high. You see, WT these days are also wristbands, able to monitor blood oxygen, smart contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels and smart patches used for remote monitoring and home diagnosis. If you’re a tattoo fan, you can get a plastic patch that looks just like it, that can monitor your vital signs.

  1. Save Your Life (Or Someone Else’s)

neorhythm band With WT on the rise, another thing that rises is safety. Now, you can manage your pain safely – without pills and medication by using headbands like NeoRhythm that uses your brain waves to help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate faster. With elderly people being more prone to accidents, there are shirts that monitor vital signs and are able to alert nurses of accidents. And when it comes to texting while driving – this will soon be improved or rather made safer by using glasses or vehicle paired displays, although we are hoping that this habit will slowly fade away in total and save many lives.

  1. Improve Your Productivity and Focus

We’ve all been there – mindlessly staring at the screen, trying to concentrate, but kept thinking about the cute cat video from yesterday. Apple Watch and like devices can alert you every hour to remind you to get up and move around to have an active rest in order to increase productivity (great for offices). You can also get a smart headband that encourages your brain to function in your preferred state of mind and basically enables you to focus just by putting it on, the possibilities are endless. The Human Cloud at Work study found that productivity for people using wearable technology increased 8.5 per cent, while their job satisfaction levels were up 3.5 per cent.

  1. Take your fitness to the next level

neorhythm band wearable As we’ve said before, it’s not just activity trackers now – you can connect your shoes, shirt and even underpants to step up your fitness game. Yes, all the clothing. Ever pulled a muscle? Get a compression shirt or smart running socks that warn you before that happens. Especially suitable for elderly, to help them avoid injury. If you’re all into sports – smart shirts that measure heart rate variability, anaerobic threshold, fitness and stress levels for you are all the tracking you need. And for all the beginner Yogis out there who don’t have an instructor – there are fitness pants with a built-in haptic vibration that gently pulse at the hips, knees and ankles to encourage you to move and/or hold positions.

  1. Teleport… Kind of

With the help of Virtual Reality (VR), you can now be at your couch and at a beach in Thailand the next moment. From amusement parks that make you feel like you’re in Jurassic park for real, to 360-degree videos and VR used to make music concerts even more unforgettable, VR is changing the world of entertainment. It can also be used to see museums and galleries, without actually being there. Amazing!