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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Social Media Content

social-media-channels Writing decent social media content seems simply, but the truth is it can be a real challenge. You need to grab people’s attention and appeal to their feelings without seeming like you’re trying too hard to market to them. Most of all, you have to stand out, which is difficult these days when there is simply an astounding wealth of voices all trying to be heard on social media.

There are a few simple tricks that you can put into place that, with very little effort, will boost your reach and help you appeal to your target audience. Some simple editing and forethought will go a long way.

  1. Make your post a narrative

Joan Didion once said, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” We understand the world and ourselves via stories, and they are the best way to draw readers in and engage them. This is a direction that may be a bit harder to put into practice, but at the very basic level, you want your posts to have characters who carry out actions.

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For example, instead of saying: “The red purses in our shop are all sold out right now, but more will be available soon!”

…you want to introduce characters and actions. Try: “You loved our red purses so much that you bought them all up! We’re working hard to make more available, and will let you know when they’re back.”

Now we have characters– “you” and “we”– who are both clearly engaged in some actions.

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  1. Trigger Curiosity

Curiosity will encourage people to click on and engage with your posts, which is what you want the most. You can build curiosity by challenging common beliefs or by highlighting a gap in your reader’s knowledge.

Rather than writing, “Here are the hottest places to go on vacation,” you will get more interest if you write something like: “The 10 Best Vacation Spots You’ve Never Heard of– and How to Get There.” This highlights an information gap (they don’t know these spots), promises the reader will be surprised, and also makes a promise to solve the failure of their knowledge.

  1. Appeal Directly to Your Audience

The best way to get a reader’s attention is to put the focus on them! Make sure you’re showing your audience why they should care or how your services might be helpful to them. This can be a very easy matter of re-wording something: rather than saying, “We know offer data analysis services for a low price,” try something like, “You can now expand your reach and make more effective choices with our data analysis bundles. Get more for your work!”

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  1. Make a schedule

Rather than making up posts on the fly, you can use a social media management tool to plan out posts in advance. You’ll have more polished content, and most importantly, you’ll be able to ensure a consistent presence on your platforms. You’ll also simply have your content higher in the feeds as people scroll, because the algorithms for most social media platforms promote accounts that post consistently at least once per day.

If you schedule with a tool, you’ll be able to set it and forget it, and you can also set posts to appear at times when you wouldn’t normally be available, like in the middle of the night when many people are checking Instagram.

  1. Have a Consistent Voice

Customers will get to know your business through social media, so you want to make sure your brand has a kind of ‘personality’ that is appealing and consistent. Be respectful and open with your customers, and remember that a little bit of humor (quirky, appealing humor– not something corny and try-hard) goes a long way!

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Put these tips in place and you’ll find that your reach quickly expands. And don’t forget to keep it simple: sometimes all you need is a one or two-word caption to inspire your audience to take action!