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5 Ways To Soup Up Your Car Current Car With Tech

raven-car-camera Who doesn’t loves customizing their cars, eh? Coupled along with amazing new tech, you get the best comfort, safety and a smooth journey that makes your every ride worthwhile.

As always, you should have a sound knowledge of car accessories and different technologies in order to upgrade our car in many aspects. Keeping this thought in mind, we’ve curated a list of the all the new-age that you can install in your car. Here are the 5 ways in which you can soup up your car with tech: –

  • Raven Security Camera – Raven is one of the leading aftermarket car security and monitoring brands. They provide great services, ensuring you are fully connected to your cars and loved ones. The Raven car security camera is always connected via its 4G LTE cellular connection.

It continuously monitors your vehicle by analyzing GPS and driving behavior, alerting you to any problematic driving events. Even when your engine is off, Raven detects security events and sends an alert and image to your phone. It notifies you if your vehicle is towed, bumped or broken into. It’s also helpful in the case of an accident saving video of the collision right to your phone.

  • Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee maker This is one of my favorites since I am a coffee lover and the world is full of coffee lovers. This is one of those tack- tricks which makes your car attractive and helpful for you. Road trips are love, and when they are accompanied by a coffee mug and soothing music, which is termed as lovely.

This device is specifically designed for cars. It is plugged into a cigarette-lighter which provides you a perfect barista-quality espresso in a couple of minutes. The device is a cute and less-space consuming device which easily fits into a cup-holder and functions well for both that is ground coffee and ESE pods. This product is helpful and durable too.

  • TrailNest Rooftop Hammock This will leave other’s aghast. This will help your vehicle to reach new terms of customization in cars. This provides you an adventure to an inclusive new level with a skillful piece of gear, which grants you to chill in a hammock that’s placed right on top of your car. It is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum which is well known for its built-quality.

The Rooftop Hammock Stand safely consociate to the extant roof bars on your SUV which works with any standard-size hammock. It is always adorable to sleep under the stars. Now you can sleep under the stars wherever you want by simply parking your vehicle. Now you don’t need a perfect grounding to focus your eyes on a perfect view. Unlocking your hammock is just so easy, connecting it, leaving its arms open and locking them in place.

  • Inflatable Car Bed All though your back seats are giving you comfort like the bed what if you carry a bed too in your car. Ah, that sounds lovely. Your bed comfort can travel with you without creating any hustle-bustle situation for you. Especially if you are going on a road trip, this is very important. The inflatable mattress is suitable for both SUVs as well as sedans.

Whenever you feel drowsy or tired the rear seat of your vehicle turns into a plush bed. This is a kit that includes a set of 2 pillows, a repair box, and a fitting inflator and deflator. This is customization where you’ll not regret and forces you to think that you have not interested in the wrong item. This works pretty well and grabs everyone’s attention. And at last, it truly satisfying and worthy of buying.

  • HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display (HUD) This is one of the car gadgets which turns your smartphone into a Head-Up Display (HUD) for your vehicle. The HUD projects the GPS in front of you onto a transparent screen. This is supported by both Android and iOS devices too. This also functions as your music player. It helps to receive calls and reads your texts too.

Hudway Glass reflection rate also allows you to get a good reflection on a clear day too. When it’s dark outside, decrease your smartphone’s brightness in order to avoid the second reflection on the windshield. This includes Two Mounts for Flexibility.

Accordingly, this item comes with two types of mounts, first the bendable base and second the slim one. This widens your choice in which mount would you like to fit your car’s dashboard.

The Jelly-glue which comes along with this is reusable and leaves no traces when they’re removed.

Final Words

There are many more such accessories which can help you a lot in increasing the standard of your car. Although the mentioned one is the most important one for those who proudly say that their car is a little- bit different one. If your car does not comprise these accessories, you are not allowed to say that you are a car-fan.