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5 Ways To Accessorise Your Apple Devices

iphone case When you get yourself a new device, there are many things you can do to personalize it to your tastes. Changing your home screen and lock screen is always fun—plus, with the latest iOS updates, you can personalize your screens to match your desired aesthetic using widgets. Another thing you can do is to accessorise it.

The term accessorising can mean many things from colored cases to different styles of headphones. If you’re sick and tired of looking around only to see that your device looks the same as everyone else’s and you want your device to stand out more, then look no further.

Whether you’ve got yourself a new phone, iPad, laptop or headphones, the desire to want to make it yours is natural. Luckily, there are many ways that you can turn your item from boring to awesome. Apple’s style is always quite sleek and functional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own, or make all your devices fit into a cool color scheme—there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personality to your gadgets. Here are five ways you can accessorise your Apple device:

  • Wrappings and Skins

Remember the days of being told to go home and wrap your school books? Now you can do that with your Apple devices too! Have no fear—you won’t need to use paper or an old shopping bag. These days, you can find almost any design you want online to wrap your Apple device. Skins are often not so protective and are more for decorative purposes, but you can get rubber skins and hard plastic ones as well. Skins are a cool way to individualize your items. There are some really cool new skins for Airpods Pro that not only cover your Airpod case but the earbuds themselves.

  • Protective Cases

Buy yourself a case that both protects your device and matches your personality. You can buy clear cases for your iPhone or iPad, especially if you want to show off the color of your device. You could also go for a more practical design by opting for strong protection, comfortability and functionality over trying to make a fashion statement. Or, if something brighter is your thing, go for a bold eye-catching, color—there are so many different cases to fit your iPhone, iPad, and laptop.

  • Wallet Casing

Another cool trend is to turn your phone into your physical wallet by getting a magnetic wallet case that your phone fits into, or you can get cardholders that get fixed onto the back of your phone too. These cardholders come in many different designs, some options even include cases where you can’t see your cards or money at all, and it is all hidden in a compartment for you to open when you need it.

  • Apple Watch Band

You can even find different colors and designs for your apple watch that are lightweight, breathable and wearable for any and all occasions. These bands and cases can protect your watch when you go to the gym or go out for a night with your friends as well as look practical and simple with your work get up. You can buy a few different colors and designs to change it up over the week and match whatever it is you are doing. They are easy to take on and off, and not only do they come in practical designs but they come in fashionable ones too.

  • PopSockets

With the release of bigger phones, some people have a hard time using them if they have smaller hands—that’s where PopSockets come in handy. You can stick them on the back of your phone, push them flat when not in use and pop them out when you need to message one-handed, or set your phone up to watch and record videos. PopSockets come in different designs, styles and colors and they have even announced a magnet friendly design in support of the iPhone 12’s new wireless charging capabilities. You can expect to get your hands on these new and more functional designs throughout the year.

Your device should be as attractive to look at as it should be functional to use, and accessorising can be as simple as buying a few different colored cases for different devices. Our phones and our laptops often encompass our lives within them—we use them to communicate, to bank, to work—and if we want them to last a long time, then buying a case, protective cover, or skin is not only fun but practical too.