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5 Useful Gadgets Up To €46 For a Present

New Year is coming soon, and for sure you are looking for a quality and interesting present for your family and friends now. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a gift. In searching for something that will not be put on the top shelf of the closet and will not be forgotten, you can browse all sections on Amazon, look at the Playamo site or ask all your friends for advice.

So that you do not suffer in guessing about a gift, we present to your attention the options for devices at a cost of no more than 46 euros.

Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband You may not have heard of such a thing before, but you can be sure that this is a great gift for a craftsman in your family. A wrist bracelet with a magnet will be a great assistant when repairing something, so the youngest member of the family no longer needs to hold bolts and nuts. Simplicity and convenience for the price of 7 euros.

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Solar Power Bank

solar powerbank Do you have a travel lover friend, but you have already given him everything for an extreme vacation? Rest assured he doesn’t have a solar power bank yet. Massive and powerful, with a compass inside, it can charge up to 10,000mAh. The device can be connected to your backpack using the mount, and then it will definitely not get lost. It is an irreplaceable thing when going to the Sahara.

Wide-Angle Lens

smartphone wide angle lens Who else uses professional cameras now, besides photographers, of course? Our phones are now capable of taking incredible pictures, even comparable to professional shots. The lens can be attached to your phone’s camera, and then you can even make microphotography. By the way! This is a very necessary gift for beauty masters. With this lens, it is much easier to take photos of examples of your work, such as eyelashes, nails, or lips. They can use it at home or take such a lens to a salon because it isn’t heavy at all.

Alarm Clock

flip alaram clock A great gift for those who are always late. But seriously, the Lexon Flip watch is a great find for those who cannot wake up in the morning. To turn off this watch, you need to turn it over. It’s not as easy as pressing a button on your phone, is it? But on the other hand, you will be sure that you are awake, and not going to work in a dream.

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Playstation Controller

Quite a relevant gift this year, thanks to the release of the new Playstation. Surely at least once in all the time these joysticks broke, or just stopped working? The new joystick is a great solution to the old controller. And now a sudden breakdown will not take you by surprise. A necessary gift for only 26 euros.

Portable Blender

portable blender Perhaps such a gift will not be relevant for everyone, but we can prove the opposite. Imagine a situation – your friends are planning a vacation trip with a small child. The kid is old enough to eat adult food but still too small to chew it. And then a portable blender comes to the rescue, which quickly chops food for the baby, and makes it easier for parents.

All in all, your gifts shouldn’t be expensive. It’s possible to buy something your friends or relatives will appreciate, even if you have less than €50 for a present. And these are not meaningless things someone will never use. These are helpful devices that will make your beloved person’s life easier.

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