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5 Tips For Sticking To An Exercise Schedule

Do you get motivated to start a new exercise schedule but soon after a struggle to keep up and lose motivation? You are certainly not alone if this is the case as many people struggle to keep up with their exercise regimes after a while, especially if you find it difficult to fit it into your schedule and have other responsibilities like work and/or looking after the kids. Regular exercise is incredibly important not only from a physical health standpoint but also from a mental one and it can even improve areas like your self-esteem, energy levels and focus. With this in mind, here are a few tips for sticking with an exercise schedule.

  1. Find Activities That You Enjoy

yoga It will be very hard to stick to any kind of exercise if it is an activity that you do not enjoy. This is why it is important to find at least one activity that you like to do, but ideally more than one so that you can vary your exercise throughout the week. As an example, you might decide to run two days a week, go for one swim a week and then do yoga at home twice a week.

  1. Set a Realistic Schedule

calender You also need to set a realistic schedule otherwise it can wear you out both physically and mentally. People often set unrealistic schedules and then start to feel bad when they inevitably struggle to keep up after a week or so, which is why it is best to ease your way in and then build this schedule up as your fitness improves. Additionally, do not beat yourself or fixate over it if you miss a workout.

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  1. Use a Fitness Watch

fitness watch A fitness watch is a great way to monitor your health and performance, which is useful for seeing your progress and giving yourself a challenge. If you go swimming as one of your exercises, then it is important that you read about the best watches for swimming as many fitness watches claim to be suitable for swimming but are vulnerable to water. A good swimming watch will perform 100% underwater and will be able to record lane swims, length-by-length data, monitor technique and much more.

  1. Keep an Exercise Journal

Another top tip is to keep an exercise journal in which you write down what you accomplished with each workout, how you felt and any other information worth recording. In addition to holding yourself accountable, this is also useful for seeing how you’ve come along – progress is the best motivator but sometimes this can be hard to see when you are not tracking your progress.

  1. Make Exercise Social

social exercise Making exercise social is another good way to stick to a schedule because you will not want to let the other person down. Some people may prefer to exercise alone at times, which is fine and you should do what works best for you, but at least one social form of exercise a week can be good for mental health.

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It can be hard to stick to an exercise schedule but hopefully, these tips will be of use.