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5 Things About HR Software You May Not Have Known

hr-software There are many benefits to having HR software as part of your business processes, but many business owners don’t realize just how beneficial HR software can be for their company. Here are five things you may not have known HR software could do for your business and why it’s important to consider adding this software to your business processes, from streamlining tasks to managing employees and ensuring compliance with business regulations.

It Saves Time

HR software is user-friendly, so it makes the transition of traditional paper processes to a digital format much smoother and simpler. So much so that you’re likely to be unable to remember what life was like before you made the switch. One of the main benefits of HR software is that it automates a lot of tasks that would normally take up employees’ time. Many business owners don’t realize just how much of the day-to-day running of a business can be streamlined using HR software – from holiday requests to absences, timesheets and training, many simple but time-consuming tasks can be taken care of for you.

Information at a Glance

Businesses who have HR software are often amazed at how much information is at their fingertips, with just the click of a button. Whether you need to access files or documents remotely, while traveling for business or in the middle of a meeting, you can have all the information you need in seconds to help you in any situation. Having relevant data immediately makes the process of decision-making much easier and also means that any decisions the business comes to are backed up by accurate information rather than trying to remember details from memory. It also means that HR departments have more power to dig into analytics and help solve problems that are hindering the business. For example, if there’s a role in the company with higher turnover than others, HR software allows for staff to look into the data on that position and find out why employees might be leaving to prevent it happening again.

Expand the Workforce

Employees are a company’s greatest asset so they should be the top priority. HR software is a cost-effective way of growing staff and managing recruitment, as well as reducing turnover. HR software can help business owners keep track of each stage of the recruitment process, but many people don’t realize that it can be useful not just in the hiring process but also to find potential candidates. And when staff is hired, the information and data stored on them are available for future appraisals so objectives can be set together.

Secure Management of Documents and Files

With the latest regulations and compliance issues on sensitive data, companies now need to take a much stricter approach to how they manage data. Modern HR software makes it easier to store data securely and allows the setting of permissions to make the information only accessible to certain people in the company. The added benefit of using cloud-based software is that if there is a physical catastrophe such as a fire or flood, the data will remain secure and unchanged.

Holiday and Sickness Monitoring

Managing absences and holiday for staff is a time-consuming task, particularly as the workforce grows. HR software means you can implement much more stringent monitoring of how much time staff is taking off, whether it is through sickness or annual leave. HR software is much more than just a glorified calendar – it also calculates pro-rata entitlements for part-time staff, tracks remaining leave and manages holiday requests so there are no more time-consuming and messy email trails.