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5 Tech Advancements In Eyewear You Didn’t Know About

vr games Technology is ever-evolving and growing, resulting in a plethora of helpful tools to make our everyday lives easier. Glasses are often overlooked as both an accessory and functional appliance, but they’re something much of the world relies on heavily. We’re here to change your opinion of these tools by showing you how technology is turning them from a basic necessity into something far more thrilling. From the exciting to the convenient, here are some advancements in eyewear that you may not yet be aware of.

AR implemented glasses

Described as wearable computers, AR implemented glasses are quite a new thing to hit the market. Nicknamed ‘smart glasses’, they allow users to see information and overlaid data in an instant, as well as having a plethora of other features like taking photographs and fitness tracking. Unfortunately, many AR implemented glasses are yet to be released to the mass market and are constantly being worked on. For example, Facebook is said to be working on a pair that are due to be released next year. Watch this space – there’s no doubt that they’ll soon make their big breakthrough and be the next must-have gadget on the market.

Self-focusing glasses

As we age, many of us naturally lose some of the ability to focus on objects, an issue known as presbyopia. Technicians are working hard to continue developing auto-focusing glasses to help those with this condition, using a micro computer, liquid crystal and sensors to detect where the wearer is looking and correct any faults. This is another one that hasn’t quite hit the general public, but it’s an incredibly exciting development that would help provide clearer vision to many.

Heavy duty glasses

While everyday glasses are made to last against scuffs and scratches, there are times where you may need some extra coverage. This rings particularly true for those working in jobs like the police force, air force enthusiasts and hunters. Ballistic glasses are designed to offer supreme protection in any scenario, including preventing fragments from cracking the lens and getting in your eye, which can cause a lot of damage.

Blue light glasses

If you work closely with computers, you’re likely to have been recommended a pair of blue light lenses. Digital devices, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, are known to cause headaches, dryness and eye fatigue due to the harsh blue light they give off. These glasses work by filtering out this blue light, giving your delicate eyes a break and causing less strain as you work.


Gone are the days of having to swap your glasses for contacts or going without when playing sports. There are a myriad of options available for those who wear glasses but like to stay active, with big bands like Nike creating high performance eyewear for athletes and casual runners alike. Whether you’re hiking, cycling or skiing, sports glasses are designed to stay put regardless of the conditions, protecting your eyes from harsh weather conditions while remaining practical.

As mentioned, technology is always changing and developing, so it likely won’t be long until more exciting changes occur in the world of eyewear.