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5 Leading Cyber Security Companies To Look Out For In 2019

cyber-security Cybersecurity is not new to businesses that use any form of technology in their daily operations; for those who are not sure of what we’re talking about, here is a simplified version of its definition: cybersecurity is a collection of technologies, processes, and controls meant to protect networks, data, and systems from cyber-attacks.

A number of organizations prefer putting in place their own mechanisms for protecting their systems, but in this day and age where attackers are becoming more and more adaptive to the traditional methods of preventing cyber threats, you don’t want to leave your system vulnerable.  The urge to find the ultimate solution has left many businesses in desperate need of genuine and competitive companies offering cybersecurity solutions. And for those who like to trade, you would be happy to know that cybersecurity stocks stats are almost always reveal bullish prices due to the demand for their services

As you would imagine, an area with a potentially good return attracts numerous players. This is evident from the fact that as we speak, there are thousands of platforms offering cybersecurity solutions making it difficult to pick out the best or genuine ones.

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Consequently, we decided to step in to assist you in identifying the best cybersecurity companies that offer value for your money.

Note that the companies we’ve listed below have been tested and proven by hundreds of other businesses to be worthy.

That said, our research netted the five companies below.

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1. McAfee


McAfee is one of the most popular platforms providing cybersecurity solutions to individuals and businesses. The firm offers unified solutions that protect, detect, and correct any threats to a system. Other than that, McAfee also offers individual users device antiviruses and malware protectors.

With over 30 years of experience, the platform provides simplified ways of securing systems for individuals and businesses allowing them to worry less about safety and concentrate more on getting the most out of their systems.

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2. Symantec


Symantec was founded in 1982 to provide cybersecurity solutions to businesses and individuals. Being one of the leading platforms in this space, Symantec offers its solutions at a global level with its customer base largely drawn from the US.

In terms of size, the cybersecurity giant currently employs more than 10,000 around the world to cater to their wide client base.

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Symantec runs one of the largest cyber security networks that guarantee the safety and integrity of information systems. The company boasts a clientele drawn from corporations, state bodies, as well as individuals.

3. Synack


As one of the true market leaders in the cybersecurity space, Synack provides customized solutions to government bodies such as the US Department of Defense Forces, a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as individuals.

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Despite having been around for about five years, the California based company employs more than 100 people to serve its worldwide customer base. Synack works around the clock to provide powerful security tools capable of preventing, detecting, and correcting any form of attack whether online or offline.

Known for its Hack the Pentagon Program, Synack is one of the bankable platforms when it comes to mitigating cybersecurity.

4. Fortinet


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This California-based firm provides top-notch cybersecurity solutions such as antiviruses, firewalls, intrusion detectors, and preventers, as well as endpoint security tools. Founded in 2000, Fortinet caters to both individuals and businesses throughout the information network.

Fortinet was named after its flagship firewall product, and it offers protection to all forms of information ranging from the basic ones such as emails to the complex databases.

The firm currently employs more than 5,000 people and has been listed on Nasdaq since 2009.

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5. FireEye

FireEye is one of the major applications leading in the war against cybersecurity threats. The tech firm has been around since 2004, and just like the others, FireEye is listed on Nasdaq.

The cybersecurity platform boasts of experts who specialize in cyber threat landscape allowing them to build cutting edge technology capable of combating any form of system attack.

With the ever-evolving cyber threats, FireEye invests heavily on training its team of experts on the latest forms of cybersecurity issues.

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Cybersecurity problems are some of the notorious challenges many organizations deal with today. Larger organizations consider cybersecurity a continuous process to the extent that they set aside a substantial budget for the same in financial plans.

While the budget might be sufficient, choosing the right partner has always been daunting; thankfully, you can now narrow down your search down to these five listed companies. Having done thorough research on them, you are assured that companies keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity thereby providing you with stellar solutions.

Finally, once you’ve chosen your preferred cybersecurity company, ensure that you remain vigilant by making use of personal judgment to cushion yourself against preventable threats to your systems. Remember, a tool is only as good as its user.

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