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5 Common Problems with Facebook Login and Solutions

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Facebook absolutely needs no introduction. The social networking website has become such an integral part of people’s lives that for some, their daily regime plan reads as follows: Wake up in the morning, login to Facebook; have breakfast while checking updates and still stay logged in during lectures or office hours. Posting comments, poking, liking, sharing, accepting friend requests, uploading pictures, catching up on Facebook chat and basically seeing what antics your friends and family have been up to are just some of the highlights. Now imagine the level of frustration when you are unable to login for acquiring your daily dose of socializing. Here’s where we come in. Following are five common problems with Facebook login and their solutions.

1. Forgetting your login id or password:

Well, let’s begin with one of the most commonly faced dilemmas. Seen as an essential part of logging in, without this bit of information, there is just no proceeding further. To identify the account, you can either punch in a valid email id or phone number or even Facebook username and a friend’s name as well. Once this is done, chances are sure to look bright then on. On the other hand, you may know your username or email and type in a password you think is right, but still receive a message saying something like ‘Incorrect password’. In this case, first make absolutely sure that the ‘Caps lock’ option is turned off.

If the error still persists, carefully retype the secret code as you may have mistyped it the first time around. If problems still continue to haunt your computer, then some tackling with personal information is necessary to get back on track and into your account. Then again, there is always the option of resetting your password. But don’t ever lose hope as Facebook help center and pages are there to guide you through most difficulties, even this particular one.

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2. Login page refresh error:

Not always does the login fault lie solely upon Facebook’s shoulders itself. Sometimes it depends on the Internet browser as well. These troubles can be easily sorted out directly by veering through the settings option or tools of that particular option. Many a time, the social network’s login screen may not be displayed correctly or the page won’t refresh. These blunders may be due to a network problem that is usually temporary or even a cache or cookie issue. One way to tackle this is by clearing the web browser’s temporary Internet files.

3. ‘Site Maintenance’ or page not loading:

Other lesser known problems are errors that pop up in the form of ‘Site Maintenance’ or error in page load after signing in. If faced with such an issue, firstly don’t hit the panic button just yet as it probably means that the Facebook crew is making improvements to the database on which your account is on. After their done with the tweaks which should ideally take only a few hours, your login id, password and account will remain unaffected. So don’t be disheartened the first time, simply try after a little while. If however you see this message ‘Must be logged in to view this page’ error after login then there’s perhaps nothing you can really do but attempt the action in a bit.

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4. New Facebook mobile features:

With the mobile age ringing right in front of us, there are a lot of ‘Facebookers’ who rely on handsets to access their social network account. Apparently, the company is well aware of this fact and has taken measures to ensure better login through these ‘handy’ devices. A few points in its endeavor include mobile password reset and mobile social reporting. These new features tackle the overall security and login features of the website.

5. Other login woes:

Besides the general Facebook login queries, we have a few tips of our own for ensuring smooth signing into your account. A secure password that includes alphabets and numbers amounting to at least eight digits is advisable. And what would be even better is to input one that is easy on the brain for flawless login. It would also be a good idea to not share your secret password with anyone else. Furthermore, if you even get a slight hint that your Facebook account is threatened by an unknown user or compromised in any way, the password should immediately be altered to prevent misuse of privacy.

Mentioned above are just some of the common problems with Facebook login. For other lesser known ones, you can always turn to the Facebook Help pages as they really do what the name suggests; ‘help’ users by offering tips and advice that are easy to follow. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and to that effect we had previously listed Facebook login mistakes. We hope the suggestions come in handy for getting around these issues.