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5 Biggest Gaming Trends and How They Affect User Experience

Roblox, Super Mario Odyssey, Joker Strike, Grand Theft Auto V, Marvel’s Spider-Man, League of Legends, and Dead or Alive 2. If you have an idea about any of these video games, then you must be an ardent gamer. These are some of the top games across popular categories such as action, adventure, casino games and others.

The video gaming industry is on a roll. Research shows 65% of American adults are video gamers. The revenues numbers are also impressive hitting $120.1 billion in 2019. This was up 4% from $115.5 billion in 2018. For a gaming enthusiast, such growth promises more innovative hardware and software as competition grows.

Whatever type of video games you enjoy, there’s a lot of innovation coming your way. This post looks at some of the trends influencing the gaming industry and how they can affect your experience.

Mobile Gaming on the Rise

pubg mobile Mobile internet surpassed desktop internet a few years ago. Today, most people go online using their smartphones or tablets. This is reflected in gaming where more people now play their favorite games on the go. Experts predict the global mobile game revenue to reach $165.9 billion in 2020.

If you’re always on the move, mobile gaming is a revolutionary trend as you can access your favorite casino, action, adventure or puzzle games on the move. You can now find the best mobile casino platforms much like NJ online casino list to enjoy more thrilling action whenever you’re on the move.

Hyper-immersive Gameplay

vr-gamer Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most revolutionary technologies over the last two decades. Hardware such as Sony’s PlayStation VR and the Oculus Quest allows developers to create VR games across all genres.

Today, you can enjoy VR action-adventure games, eSport games and others. The photorealistic graphics give you an immersive experience and this technology is just getting started. In the future, the graphics will almost be indistinguishable from real-life.

Augmented Reality (AR)

pokemon augmented reality After the immense success of Pokémon Go, augmented reality (AR) was touted as the next big thing in gaming. While this has not yet materialized, there’s no doubt the potential of AR in offering a better gaming experience.

Titles such as The Walking Dead: Our World and Jurassic World Alive might not have become big hits on the market but they highlight the latent potential in AR gaming.

Online Gaming

fortnite game Half of the world’s population is now online and it makes sense for game developers to make their products readily available on this ecosystem. Online gaming is one of the biggest trends in the industry.

Live video game streaming, online casino sites, live dealer casino games, mobile apps and cloud gaming are all features of the booming online gaming trend. Digital distribution is now a crucial part of the gaming industry and it saves developers a lot of money in shipping and storage of gaming hardware.

Gambling Software

micro-gamingWith the online gambling industry growing rapidly, there’s a lot of activity in gambling software development. For instance, Flutter Entertainment acquired The Stars Group for $7bn which indicates the potential in this sector.

Top developers in this industry including GammaStack, Playtech, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, and Evolution Gaming are in a race to deliver the coolest software for casino platforms and exciting games for players.

Final Thoughts

For games, these are interesting times as software and hardware developers compete to reach the market with new products. There are more exciting games on the market and with online gaming, it’s easier to access the latest games. Mobile gaming makes it possible to catch your favorite game even when travelling and what’s more, the quality of games and in-game features is better than ever.