5 Best iPhone 8 Concept Videos

1Awesome videos of iPhone 8 concepts

We’re finally in the year that will see Apple giving its iPhone a complete redesign, or at least we hope we are. There are huge chances of this happening, as leaks have indicated a lot of new things that the Cupertino company will be adopting with the iPhone 8.

Firstly there are rumors going around of the device having an edge-to-edge display which will do away with the top and bottom bezels. What about the selfie camera and the fingerprint scanner you ask? They will be integrated into the display itself. And all this while still maintaining the waterproofing which the previous-gen iPhone had introduced.

2017 will also mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which means there’s another reason for Apple to put more effort into making the device outstanding. Technically, this is the year of the iPhone 7S, but talk on the street is that Apple will be skipping that name in favor of iPhone 8, since there are so many new innovations onboard the handset. Leaks have even indicated that this device will be ditching aluminum and going for a glass rear surface.

Now based on all the information that is available out there, a number of designers from around the world have come up with some really interesting concepts of the iPhone 8. We’ve sifted through all of them, and have created this list for those interested in viewing the best among them.