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5 Attractive Spy Apps For Android 2020

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Looking for a suitable spy app, well you have come to the right place. We understand that monitoring smartphones can be tiring, especially when you have to go through a long list of options.

Not just that, but there are plenty of reviews available for all these, which can make you more confused. So, to remove your confusion, this article consists of the top 5 attractive spy apps for android devices in 2020.

The article also consists of some of the exclusive information. This information will help you in monitoring someone’s Android phone with Spyier, Minspy, Spyic and other prominent apps.

Before starting the list of spy apps, you might want to know something about Android spy apps. First of all, these apps are required to be quite secretive and should track entire data, without compromising your identity. They must not even leave a single trace for detection in the target’s phone.

Despite its secretiveness, one must also consider important details like social media monitoring, remote control feature, price, quality and simplified features. So these were some of the features you must check, now let’s begin with the very first spy app:


spyier Spyier is the best solution for android devices, especially when it comes to tracking suspicious activities. The latest technological advancements added in the software helps you efficiently manage secrecy.

Also, it allows the software to work accurately without raising any sort of red flags. Once the installation is been done, it offers remote functioning from another location. With the presence of more than a decade, this spying app has been spread in almost 190 countries across the world.

It has been featured in more than a dozen giant review platforms including Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, Top 10 Reviews, etc. With a list of exclusive features, this app is not just functional on Android, but also the iOS operating system.

By using Spyier, you get rid of specified downloading or installation requirements on your device for operating the application. A simple log-in on the web browser will help you access the dashboard and acquire the data.

While being functional, Spyier will keep on notifying you to assess the extracted data and media files on your device. Also, the app is highly useful for keeping the track of location with the help of its GPS tracking feature.

Now let’s have a look at the features offered by Spyier for its Android users:

spyier app

1 – No Requirement of Root: The best advantage of using Spyier is that it doesn’t require root for utilizing all its features. Also, you can access Android keylogger and functions for tracking social media, without rooting the device.

2 – As there is no need for either root or jailbreak, you have the chance to get an extra edge. It is because other options usually require root for monitoring other accounts.

3 – No Installation Required: Spyier never asks you to install the app on your phone. Although you would need to access your target’s phone, in order to set up Spyier on it. You don’t need to worry as well, as there is no threat or risk of installing Spyier on the target’s phone.

4 – Stealth Mode Working: The app is highly feasible from a remote location also. Soon after configuring it on the targeted device, you get the option to hide it from the list of downloaded applications.
This will make your app highly discrete and safe from getting into notice. The data can be accessed via the dashboard available on the browser.

5 – Compatible With All The Web Browsers: Monitoring someone’s android phone with Spyier is really easy. All you need to do is log in to the dashboard by accessing the website from any browser with any device.

6 – Utilizes Less Space and Resources: There is no particular amount of battery and space consumption, which further reduces the chances of being detected.

Tracking Procedure To Be Followed Using Spyier

The steps of monitoring someone’s Android phone with Spyier are quite simple and explicit. spyier site


  • Sign-up with the Spyier on a web browser and create an account.
  • Set-up the targeted Android phone’s information in the initial process.
  • Access the target phone physically for 5 minutes and install the Spyier app into it.
  • Come back to your device and access the control panel to track the location of Android’s phone.



Other than Spyier, Minspy is also considered one of the best spying apps available out there in the market. It functions on a remote basis, no matter what is the distance of the place. Not just android, but it is feasible on iOS as well.


The app also offers an abundance of features, that reveal complete information on the target phone. Even if the data is deleted, with Minspy, you can have access to deleted files and data too.


Popularly known as The Spy Bubble, Spyine offers you the quickest way to spy on targeted devices. The app is highly useful when it comes to monitoring Whatsapp, calls and some more applications.

Installation can be a bit complex. However, online assistance during the installation process makes it one of the useful and attractive products. Despite its intuitive interface, there is room for improvement among features.


Among our list of Android spying apps, Spyic is another popular option. Similar to Spyier, this app also offers remote working conditions without root requirements.


Its definitely a quality-oriented app and offers worthy features, making it a suitable option. The quick and user-friendly interface allows you to access features in a single click. It is certainly one of the time-saving options available in the market.


Cocospy is one of the sturdy spy applications among all the options available there in the market. It offers exclusive features at a very suitable price range backed with all the convenience.

It has a stealth mode feature that keeps the information highly secured. The user base of this application is spread across a variety of countries. It doesn’t require any sort of physical interaction with the target phone, even for installation.

Its user-friendliness allows you to work without having any sort of specified technical knowledge. The remote control feature works with the help of the control panel. All you need is a proper computer and an uninterrupted internet connection.


So here comes an end to our list of top 5 attractive spying apps for Androids. Well, these were certainly some of the exclusive apps that are quite high in demand these days. Monitoring someone’s Android phone with Spyier or any of these apps will be definitely a correct decision.

These apps have amazing compatibility along with a list of highly useful features that make it desirable. These apps help you unleash important information without getting caught.

Also, no matter how eager you are to find out your partner or child’s mischief, one thing you need to consider is safety. You cannot rely on something random, you need to have proof and consideration for its reliability. Using Spyier or any of the listed apps will let you ensure the safety of the information and extract it for appropriate use.