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4K Stogram: A simple and useful tool for downloading Instagram photos and videos

4K Stogram

Today we’ve decided to take a look at 4K Stogram, a software aimed at letting you easily download photos and videos from Instagram. As you might know, the photos and videos that you see on Instagram’s feed do not come with an option to download them; neither in the app nor on the web. 4K Stogram gets over this issue, and places the media right on your hard drive. And you don’t even need to hit the download button again and again, since it keeps grabbing media from subscribed accounts in the background. Moreover, you can also download photos and videos from private accounts. More on that later.

How Does 4K Stogram Work?

4K Stogram is a sort of a social application itself, in that it allows you to subscribe to an account, a hashtag or a geotag, and keeps downloading pictures and videos from those onto your computer. These go inside separate folders that you can access easily without an Internet connection. This way, you get an offline feed of every account or hashtag you follow, and you can use those photographs for your reference, make wallpapers out of them, edit them and much more. Everything keeps happening in the background, so all you need to do is start the application. Media from new accounts goes into newer folders that organize themselves efficiently.

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How To Access Photos And Videos From Private Users?

4K Stogram
As we said, 4K Stogram also allows you to access media from private accounts. For that though, you need to log into your own account using the application. You also need to be following that account, and be pre-approved by the user. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Instagram is pretty serious about privacy, and 4K Stogram itself will never want to intrude on the privacy of any user as well. In order to log into your account, you can head into the Preferences tab of the software, and enter your credentials. This is where you can also find the important settings of the application, like changing the download location, pausing your subscriptions and more.

How To Download Instagram Stories And Highlights?

4K Stogram can also download Instagram Stories and Highlights in the background. Again, the main requirement for this is that you must be logged in. Once that’s done, you can head over to Preferences, and select the ‘Download Instagram Stories’ option at the top. This will automatically deliver the Stories and Highlights of the feeds you are following in separate folders on your PC. These downloads too will happen in the background, and work seamlessly every time you open the application.

Other 4K Stogram Features

4K Stogram prides itself on its simple interface, but there’s a lot hiding inside that is to be explored. Hovering over each image in this program reveals its metadata in the form of its captions and comments. And you can head over to the actual post on Instagram by just clicking on the ‘Show In Instagram’ button on every photo’s menu. Exporting and importing your subscriptions is also an option in this program. In case you are moving computers, you can export your subscription data into a single file, and then import it on your new computer, thus saving you from the trouble of subscribing to all your feeds once again.

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4K Stogram is a free program that can be downloaded now on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platforms.