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4GB T.sonic 630 Series of MP3 Players launched by Transcend

Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 Players Transcend has just launched a new series of MP3 players- the T.sonic 630 series. Designed to play MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (subscription music) and recorded WAV music files, the Transcend T.sonic 630 series of MP3 players also features an FM Radio and can also be used as a storage device.

The Transcend Tsonic 630 series of MP3 players are very versatile, and incorporates Advanced Digital Recording features, which include the ability to record using its built-in microphone, its external microphone or even a Line-In device.

Powerful to the ears and stylish looking to see, the Transcend Tsonic 630 MP3 player has a brilliant, white text (4-line) OLED Display that can easily be viewed at any angle and in just about any type of light. Measuring just 73x33x12.5mm and weighing just 30g, the Tsonic 630 MP3 player is easy to carry and can also be slipped into a pocket with ease. So basically, the Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player has a very user-friendly design.

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Besides, it’s user-friendly design, the Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player allows for easy transfers of music. All one has to do is simply connect the player to a computer using the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 wire, then drag and drop one’s digital music onto the T.sonic 630 MP3 player.

A great function that is available on the Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player is the Line-In function, which allows the user to conveniently record music directly from a CD player. Additionally, the Advanced Digital Voice Recorder can be used to record memos to oneself, or even from others.

One can also use the T.sonic 630 MP3 player as a data transfer and storage device for computer files. Besides, the Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player also ships with bundled software that can be used to lock one’s computer and also setup Password protection for one’s personal information.

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Another brilliant feature of the T.sonic 630 MP3 player is its a-B repeat function, which allows users to replay a designated section of a track, and when combined with the player’s adjustable Variable Track Playback speed control, one is also able to get the benefits of a great language learning tool.

The Transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player also features One-Touch Recording, even when it is switched off. Then there are also other great features such as 7 Equalizer effects, with a customizable USER EQ mode, Scheduled Recordings, and Microsoft Recording, as well as support for filename and song/artist title display in 12 user languages.

Other great features of the Transcend T.sonicT 630 MP3 player include a Playlist Builder, Karaoke-type lyrics display and a Real Time clock. The T.sonic 630 MP3 player is powered using a rechargeable Li-ion battery. A fully charged Li-ion battery supports more than 15 hours of continuous music playback.

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The transcend T.sonic 630 MP3 player is available in three high capacities of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. The 1GB player comes in an Orchid color, while the 2GB in White and 4GB in Black.

So all these brilliant features packed into Transcend’s new T.sonic 630 MP3 player, makes it quite a steal, and of course can also be a great gift this holiday season.

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