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4 Tips On How To Increase Average Transaction Value Of Your Dropshipping Store


Hire a salesperson

Hiring a salesperson can prove to be very valuable for your business. They generally drive more sales than they cost you to pay and so really think about hiring this person for many reasons. But one reason is to follow up with the people that purchase products from your store and basically highlight other products that they might have interest in based on the product that they purchased, so talk about the related products that might add value there. Find out what their interests are, so you can think about them not just for a sale in the near future but maybe down the road. Maybe they have family members that might benefit from products that you sell and you can call on Mother’s Day or the holidays, there are so many opportunities, but also they can make sure they received the product and everything was good there, and if they’re happy with the product they can then ask for a review (this is particularly important if you want to focus on getting the best dropshipping products).  Reviews online will drive additional sales to your business and therefore the one customer that you spent money to get to your store and buy is actually driving other customers to your store and more dollars are being generated by that initial customer. Hire a sales person for this. They can also work online chat in your store. Online chat is extremely effective. People are going to ask questions in there, they’re going to have things that come up during the buyer’s process that if you could in real-time answer those questions,  they’d probably move forward not only with the purchase, but a salesperson can put those other recommended ideas in the chat room and drive a higher ticket value for each of your customers and drive more sales.

Create a loyalty program

There’s all kind of different loyalty programs and ways you can do it.  Most eCommerce carts have apps and marketplace tools you can use to add to your store to track loyalty and those sorts of things,  you can even just simply look at your online store periodically and look at the top customers that you’ve had,  and consider those the most loyal customers.  Send them an email with a coupon (a good idea would also be to include other valuable info in those emails, such as a “list of top Shopify stores for inspiration).  Thank them for their business.  The key is to keep those people coming back because if they keep coming back and buying from you,  their lifetime value is increasing and therefore the law of averages says that the lifetime value of all of your customers is therefore increasing, so you’re increasing the average revenue per customer and potentially your average value ticket size per customer and so this is another way to take advantage of your loyal customers to increase your statistics in terms of revenue per customer.

Dial-in your email automation campaigns  and your retargeting campaigns

A lot of, really to get more sales to your store is just comes down to staying in front of people, right? If you’re not taking advantage of your targeting or email marketing you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, so how can you build out email automation in an automated way, that reaches out to customers with a relevant content that they’d be interested in, based on the products that they purchase to get them to buy more of either the same product or related products or new products that you offer that you know they’d be interested in because they bought this product before? That’s a great way to drive more sales. The other way is retargeting campaigns. Staying in front of people with fresh and relevant content is going to keep you top of mind, so when they’re thinking about making a purchase for a product that you sell, they think of you first and not a competitor which means more dollars for you and fewer dollars for them.

Take advantage of social media marketing to highlight your products  and your product bundles

So take advantage of social media marketing, whether it’s on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook or something else, make sure that you highlight your product bundles. put a picture, a nice picture, professional photography, of a product bundle. If you sell apparel maybe it’s an entire outfit and you highlight the different things in the outfit, essentially highlighting the entire bundle of product, right there on one shot. If you sell furniture, you might want to show a whole living room set setup really nicely and highlight all the different products in the living room, sell that as a bundle. A lot of people like the ease of interaction, right? When I’m shopping at Christmas I oftentimes just look around for the mannequins that look the best and just literally go buy the whole outfit for my wife, right,  because it’s simple that way, I didn’t need to think about it, and so make this easy for your customers. How do you make it simple so they don’t even need to think about it, when they see it they love it? Maybe it’s a baby room, right? You’re highlighting people that just had a baby, you highlight the whole room, right? The crib, the rocking chair, the carpet on the ground, everything about it, right? The kid’s blankie hanging over the crib. That’s a bundle right there. You sell that for one price and that increases your average ticket value per customer.