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4 Social Media Strategies For Your B2B eCommerce Business


Every marketer today will tell you that social media is a great channel for advertising. As there are 3.6 billion social media users globally, it’s easy to see how companies can use social media to attract new customers and grow their business.

However, every time people mention social media marketing, the focus is usually directed to B2C customers and many B2B businesses have a tendency to dismiss this type of marketing. However, if you have a B2B business, you can have an excellent social media marketing campaign.

All you need to do is apply the right strategies.

Choose the right platforms

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There are many different social media platforms, and through trial and error marketers realized that some are better suited for B2B businesses than others.

While B2C customers usually focus on Facebook and Instagram, B2B companies need to direct more focus to the social media platform directed towards professionals. That, of course, is LinkedIn. As many as 4 in 5 B2B leads from social media come through this platform.

Another platform widely used by businesses is Twitter, so while you’re in the early stages of your marketing campaign, these two platforms are the best choices. You can use both of them to engage with brand followers and customers to create strong and long-lasting relationships.

The important thing to remember is to not spread yourself too thin, and this is exactly why it’s ideal to start with one or two platforms. If you try to connect with your audience on many different channels, you will have to do that with thin resources, which will ultimately lead to social media exhaustion.

If you already have a large following on LinkedIn and Twitter, you should absolutely expand your strategy to Facebook, Instagram, and other channels. However, if you’re new to social selling, stick to these two platforms while scaling your business.

It’s easy and free to open your profiles, the hard part is to learn how to run them. That is why the best choice you can make is to hire a social media agency that will help you grow your profiles and create the best content for your followers. With experts running your social media campaigns, you will see fast growth and a lot of engagement from your audience.

Use social media tools

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Trying to manage social media campaigns all on your own is not easy, and as your profiles and business grow, it will become practically impossible to do it manually. That’s why almost all successful businesses use at least one social media tool to make managing their accounts easy and hassle-free.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need a social media tool:

  • Organize conversation. Everyone knows social media is meant for socializing, but this can become hard when the number of connections you have keeps growing. If you use the right tool, you can keep up with all of your conversations and make sure you never miss anything important.
  • Have more time for real-time engagement. If you use a tool that automates most of your menial tasks, you will have much more free time to focus on real-time engagement and provide prompt responses. You will have more opportunities to engage in new conversations and connect with people.
  • Set auto-responses. Not all conversations require a real-time engagement, and in some cases, auto-responses can help you follow up on some new connections and start creating a good relationship right away.

However, it’s important to note that there are many different tools on the market, and while each of them has some benefits, not all of them are suited for B2B social media efforts. It’s crucial to invest in the right tool that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

We already mentioned that LinkedIn is the best choice B2B businesses can use for their social media strategy, and it would be a great addition to use a tool that was created specifically for LinkedIn. With LinkedIn automation tools, you can grow your network, build smart message chains, collect contacts from multiple sources, and much more.

Create meaningful content

create meaningful content

Content is king, and there’s no point in denying it. As much as 95% of B2B buyers have admitted that they view content as a trustworthy marker when they’re evaluating a business.

There are two main things B2B marketers focus on when creating content:

  • Establishing expertise. When you post content that’s relevant to your industry, you’re providing your audience with educational content that can help them with their decision-making process. However, you’re also showcasing a high level of knowledge that will establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Capturing leads. Social media gives you the perfect way to collect leads, and if you create the right content that will encourage them to keep exploring your website, you can easily build your list of prospects. With every person who signs up for a newsletter or a free e-book, you have one new lead.

To ensure your social media profiles are helping you grow your business, you need to post the right type of content in multiple forms. Post articles, run your own blog, create videos, and present data in the form of infographics to always keep your content fresh.

And for B2B businesses, the easiest way to achieve the two above-mentioned goals is to tailor the content they post to their audience. Don’t focus strictly on business and self-promotion, instead try to post content that you believe your target audience would like to see.

For every piece of content you post, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself if you would be interested in it if it wasn’t related to your business. If not, try something new and fresh and always look for ways to upgrade your social media content.

Invest in paid advertising

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Social media gives businesses a chance to connect with their audience like never before. When you have a strong social media presence, every post and interaction are a part of your marketing strategy. This is still true for brands with smaller followings, but you can’t rely on posts and customer interactions alone.

Instead, you need to invest in social media paid advertising. Through paid ads, you can help your content reach a much broader audience, especially if you still have low engagement and a small following.

Even if you don’t have a large advertising budget, you don’t have to worry because social media ads are generally inexpensive, and you can always set your budget to meet your needs. There’s no need to pay for fixed-fee advertising when you can get in-depth analytics from sites such as Instagram and Facebook to track your ads’ progress.

Additionally, you can tailor your audience segments to make sure that every ad you pay for reaches the right people.

Final thoughts

Don’t think that only B2C eCommerce businesses can take advantage of social media marketing, because there are plenty of opportunities for B2B businesses to grow thanks to social media platforms.

If you apply the strategies you just read about, you will be able to connect with the right people on the right platforms, build trust, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. And as long as you remember that you need to tailor your ads to appeal to your target audience, you won’t run into any issues.