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4-inch iPhone 2016 leaked on video now

MIC Gadget has posted the above 40-second video on YouTube showing off what looks to be a 4-inch iPhone 2016. Or some guy with giant hands. Because the smartphone in the clip would look very much like the latest iPhone 6S, if it wasn’t so small. Since the handset hasn’t gone official yet, no one knows what it will be called.

The guesses so far include iPhone 5e, iPhone 6c and iPhone 7c. Until now, it was expected to borrow design cues from the polycarbonate iPhone 5C. The unannounced device appears to be made of metal however. Foxconn manufactures Apple’s iPhone series of course. The video was apparently recorded inside its facilities.

Apple generally releases its new smartphone products in fall each year. Phone Arena notes that the company is however supposed to be planning a press event for March 2016. Does this mean the smaller 4-inch iPhone is on the cards? A previous report predicted a spring release for it, based on China Mobile’s leaked roadmap.

Apple iPhone 6c

So the iPhone 6c, or whatever else you want to call it, could be unveiled in March and launched in April after all. MIC Gadget’s video provides a few clues on its specifications. Apart from appearing to be a smaller variant of the iPhone 6S, it seems to sport Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology too.

The iPhone 4s was the last handset by the company to feature a screen smaller than 4 inches. The iPhone 5 was introduced in 2012 with a 4-inch display long after the phablet revolution began. Apple has probably smelt renewed interest in smaller form factors in the air. Or it’s trying to reach a wider audience.

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If the iPhone 6c/7c/5e is fitted with the anticipated specs covering 1GB RAM, the older 8MP iSight camera and the last generation A8 processor, then we could see it costing significantly less than the newer models. What do you think?