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4 Hot Home Tech In 2021

The home tech industry is already worth well over $100 billion worldwide, with continued growth predicted in the coming year as more and more people embrace digital transformation and the efficiencies it promises to bring to the modern home. Home tech includes smart, IoT devices connected to the internet as well as a host of remote, autonomous and voice-activated products. Below are 4 of the hottest pieces of home tech in 2021.

Smart TVs 

netflix Smart TVs are not new technology but they will continue to be one of the hottest home tech items in 2021, especially as more people work remotely and vaccination plans roll out slowly around the world. People will continue to stay home. Smart TVs do many things that previous generation televisions don’t, but their defining characteristic is that they use wired Ethernet and built-in WiFi capabilities to stay connected.

They allow people to connect to a broad range of channels and services without having to connect to a television antenna or pay for cable or satellite. You also get web browsing, gaming, and access to documents and files stored on compatible devices

Doorbell Cameras 

doorbell camera Doorbell cameras have become standard features in many modern homes and their popularity will only increase in 2021. Home security systems now include things like the doorbell cam to give your main port of entry added security. Typically, the software that comes with them allows you to access the camera from anywhere you are able to connect to the web, whether that is in another room in the home or on the other side of the world.

Doorbell cameras are small, relatively inconspicuous and are both convenient and potential deterrents for any would-be thieves considering breaking into your home.

Voice Activation 

amazon-alexa Voice-activated devices have also grown in popularity over the last several years, and many new products are designed with this demand in mind. From voice-activated vacuum cleaners to televisions, to smart thermostats, to home assistants, speakers and lighting, the modern home is increasingly a voice-activated place.

Voice activation might help you turn on your central heating when you walk in the door or preheat the oven when you return from the grocery store. It lets you change the song on your smart home speakers, or turn the lights on in the hall so that it is safer for an elderly family member using the stairs.

Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners 

floor cleaning robot Autonomous vacuum cleaners that (nearly) silently go about their business while you are home or out have seen a considerable drop in price over the last several years and they are now a completely affordable and normal feature in modern homes. What is likely to increase their presence and use throughout 2021 is the fact that many people will continue to stay home.

More time spent in the home means more dirt and grime accumulates, which means higher frequency cleaning is required. With both family and work obligations now taking place at the same time, people will either be too burnt out or too busy throughout 2021 to tackle all of that additional cleaning. Sales of autonomous vacuums already soared throughout 2020 thanks to the pandemic and there is good reason to believe those sales will stay high during 2021.


Home tech is gaining in popularity in a big way, and the industry has, in large part, the pandemic to thank for speeding up the digital transformation in the modern home. Working people and parents stuck at or unwilling to leave their homes and in need of the increased efficiency are increasingly turning to smart, voice-activated, and autonomous devices that make home life more convenient and manageable.

While not everyone is enthusiastic about the home tech revolution, the modern home is experiencing increased digitization along with the rest of the world. Above are 4 examples of the common and profound ways in which people are updating their residences for the times.