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4 Apps You Should Install to Be a Productive Student

Nobody said studying at college would be easy. Yet, very few people imagine how hard it will actually be. Nowadays, students have the most hectic schedules. Often, they balance education with extracurriculars, families, and even work. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to struggle every step of the way.

The main advantage of the technology age is that you can delegate a decent percentage of your responsibilities to robots, artificial intelligence, and other amazing assistants that would be unimaginable a few decades ago. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of apps that will make your college life easier. Read on and see if you have any of them downloaded already!


Google Calendar

This little guy needs no introduction. Google services have completely taken over our lives and there are very few people who are reluctant to use them. A good calendar is your number one helper when it comes to keeping all your deadlines in one place. And for a student, that’s especially important.

In the good old days, people would keep notebooks with their schedules and assignments. And if you happened to forget it at home you were basically screwed. This is not something that happens to a phone. A smartphone often feels like an extension of one’s hand so leaving it at home is rather an exceptional situation.

However, life tends to get in the way and no matter how organized you are, you can still find yourself in a situation where you forget about an essay due. You start googling, asking your friends, ‘can you write my paper for me?’ and often end up pulling an all-nighter. Keeping your deadlines on your phone is a good way to avoid that situation so make sure to download Google calendar!


If you struggle with keeping your focus on a subject for too long, you should definitely try Forest. This app is meant to keep you off your phone, which is a temptation many of us cannot resist nowadays.

Plant a tree every time you need to focus. As long as you’re not touching your phone, the tree grows. But if you can’t resist the temptation, the tree dies.

The app helps you become more focused, commit better, and teaches you to concentrate. It also has a built-in motivation system to keep you coming back.

It will give you rewards and allow you to track your progress. Apart from that, you’ll see your very own forest grow, which is pretty amazing in and of itself.

A pro version has some considerable perks for $1.99, which is a one-time payment. The best part is that it will plant real trees for you if you upgrade to pro.

Other than that, you will be able to whitelist apps that you actually need to work or study. This way, the three won’t die if you use one of the whitelisted applications. It will also track your screen time, and allow you to categorize tasks so that you see how you spend your time.

library Google Drive

Since we’ve been on the topic of Google, we couldn’t but mention Google Drive as one of the most useful and easy-to-use file managers out there.

The number of files a student has to keep is immense and unless you’re a tech major, you probably don’t want to carry your laptop around every day. Keeping all the files on your phone is not an option either. The cluttered memory will slow down operation speed, which is the most important requirement for a device.

Google Drive is a universal solution. You can upload all your files into the cloud and access them whenever the need arises. In most cases, you’ll need at least a minimal internet connection to access a file, but that’s not a problem unless your classes are held in a bunker.

Yet, even if they are, you can pre-download the files you need for a particular class. It’s still better than storing the entirety of your course material on your phone, right?

Google Drive’s pricing is extremely student-friendly. They offer 15GB for free, which is sufficient if you care to keep your drive organized and not store heavy files like movies. If you do want to store everything from photos to books on your drive, you can get 100GB, which is still reasonably priced at $1.99 per month.


If you’re a language learning fan but college classes just don’t seem to do it for you, you should definitely try Duolingo. Gamification is a big trend in the education world right now and the creators of this app hopped on it even before it became so widespread.

This simple app allows you to learn languages in a fun, interactive way. The list of languages it supports is rather expensive:

  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Japanese;
  • Mandarin Chinese;
  • Italian;
  • Czech;
  • Greek;
  • And many others.

The app is AI-based, which means it adapts to your learning style. You receive grades and rewards that keep your motivation up. You can also set up notifications so that it reminds you to take a class.

Generally, it’s a perfect way to organize time during your daily commute that is also beneficial unlike playing Tetris or Candy Crush.

Duolingo has a plus version that costs $6.99 per month, which amounts to $83.88 per year! The plus version has two main perks – it’s ad-free and it works offline.

The free version only allows you to make a certain number of mistakes and shows you ads, but apart from that, the app works just the same.

Wrapping Up

The age of tech surely has its perks and drawbacks. Humans have been developing the world around them faster than themselves.

We’ve set up traps for our own productivity in the shape of constant distractions. Try forest to mute them for a few hours! Google Calendar will help you stay on top of your schedule while your data will be safely stored on Google Drive. And don’t forget to learn something new every day with Duolingo!