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4 Apps That Help You Sleep Better

With so many distractions all around us, it can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Fortunately, we don’t live in the dark ages. We have the advantage of technology. Check out these groundbreaking apps that can help you get the rest you need. Perhaps one of these is the answer you’ve been looking for.


pzizz-app For many of us, tossing and turning is one of the most miserable parts of the day. We might be struggling with terrible back pain due to the wrong mattress or dealing with a lot of racing thoughts that we can’t shut down. Whatever it is, having an app like Pzizz can help. While it obviously won’t relieve physical ailments, it can help to relieve psychological ones.

Music can be incredibly calming. That’s why the makers of Pzizz designed an app that provides the kind of music you need to relax your thoughts. It’s carefully selected to help you get a good night’s rest. You can choose soothing narration in either a male or female voice, to accompany the music you select. You can also set the app to fade out after a certain amount of time, if you prefer not to have it playing after you’ve actually fallen asleep.

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Pillow App

pillow-app Have you ever been curious about your sleep patterns? Pillow is an app that actually tracks your sleep. It can give you information about your REM cycles and your heart rate. It can even help you throughout the day with mid-day rest settings. You can choose a 15-minute power nap, a 45-minute recovery nap, or a 120-minute full-cycle nap.

Sleep Cycle

sleep-cycle-app How miserable does it feel to wake up when you’re in deep sleep? Your entire day gets thrown off because you end up feeling groggy the entire day. Well, Sleep Cycle’s goal is to help eliminate those harsh, unforgiving wake-ups. The app tracks your sleep patterns by using your microphone to monitor your breathing. You can set an alarm clock that will wake you when you’re in your lightest form of sleep. You can even hit the snooze button twice. Think of it as a conscientious alarm clock.



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Headspace is a meditation app that helps you quiet your mind so you can fall asleep easily. This app’s main focus is on meditation. The real trick to getting a good night’s rest isn’t necessarily the right blanket or pillow. It’s the right mindset. Headspace aims to help you achieve that right mindset through guided meditation. You can also choose a soothing, silent meditation if you prefer.

What’s special about Headspace is that it has timed meditations. You can choose an in-depth, long meditation. Or, you can choose a brief minute or two. There are a lot of options that can conform to what you need. If you’ve been interested in meditation but were nervous to try it, Headspace is an excellent app to get you comfortable. There are a lot of healing benefits to mediation. A good night’s sleep is just one of them.

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