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4.5-inch iPhone touted for 2014 launch, cheaper iPhone 5 lookalike expected in 2013


Apple rumors are here once again, with reports of a 4.5 inched iPhone having been pegged for 2014 making the rounds currently. That’s not all however, as there is also word about a cheaper alternative of the current model slated to arrive in stores later this year. And no, don’t think it to be the 5S in any way, as this latter device is a completely different model than the former two. With this out of the way, let’s have a look at where such speculation has sprung out from all of a sudden.

Japanese site, Macotakara has let go of this fresh iPhone information, but Unwired View has advised us that although its interpretation of the content points to these facts, things could have been lost in translation, and hence cannot to confirmed. Anyways, what the Japanese portal seems to be telling us is that the newly popped up 4.5-inch smartphone has been postponed into 2014, indicating that it was earlier scheduled to arrive this year itself. Hence, it can be considered to be next year’s main iPhone.

Furthermore, coming to the cheaper iPhone 5 lookalike that is said to exist as well, the rumor is pointing out that its low price will be justified by the fact that it will be made out of polycarbonate. This is the same material Nokia chooses to builds its Lumia phones out of. The report mentions that this cheap alternative will look just like the fifth-generation model that’s in the market right now, but what is interesting that it is expected to come dressed in different colors – a possible first for the range.

Supposedly thicker than the existent version, it could have similar other aspects, including the same 4-inch touchscreen. But here’s where our point of interest lies: it is expected to ship with price tag of $330 (unlocked). Sure it’s too good to be true, and hence, we aren’t banking on this piece of news turning out to be true, as the cheapest cost the latest smartphone can be purchased at is somewhere around $649. Just a mere change in its body material doesn’t quite qualify it to sell at such a low rate.

Official information about either the 4.5-inch iPhone or the cheap iPhone 5 still doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, suggesting that we’ll have to wait for a long time to get to know if these devices actually exist, let alone their other aspects.