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3G BlackBerry Phone delayed, say Rumors

RIM, BlackBerry Logos After the 3G iPhone, now the 3G BlackBerry phone is hit by a rumor. Fortune.com has reported that the release of the 3G BlackBerry handset has been delayed.

Reportedly, the 3G BlackBerry phone, which was originally expected to launch in June 2008, is facing a technical glitch, due to which its release is being delayed.

The upcoming 3G BlackBerry phone is called BlackBerry 8900 or Meteor. Revealing more details about the 3G phone Fortune says, “It is a black phone with a silver metal edge, curved corners and a flatter Qwerty keyboard than the namesake bumpy berry-skin keypad.”

Also Fortune mentioned that RIM is expected to release the iPhone rival, BlackBerry 9000 by the end of this year.