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3Doodler bursts into life on Kickstarter, get one for $75


The 3Doodler, an intriguing ‘little’ device has come to light on popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter. And almost as soon as it was launched on the site it achieved its funding goal, leaving the project’s creative leads thinking of new ways to extend its objectives and incentives.

So what is the 3Doodler? The brainchild of Max Bogue and Peter Dilworth of Wobbleworks, it is a condensed or a ‘distilled’ version of a 3D printer, compressed to such an extent that it takes the form of a rather fat pen. Its ‘ink’ is a quick drying plastic and this means that users can literally draw in the air, lifting their creations right off the paper.


The manner of its operation is relatively simple (when viewed from the outside). It takes lengths of ABS or PLA plastic and heats them until they melt. It then squeezes out the heated mass which dries almost instantaneously in contact with the air, leaving behind a solid structure. The image above is an ostrich, although it looks more like a dinosaur.

And it can be used in a number of creative ways. The makers suggest that besides basic 3D shapes and models, jewelry and other forms of decorative art, it can also be used to touch up and personalize everyday objects like cell phone cases. To demonstrate the constructive powers of the device, they even recreated the Eiffel Tower, on a much smaller scale of course. Its operation can all be seen in the video we’ve attached below.

The initial round of 100 early bird backers could get their hands on one device for just $50. The extremely limited number sold out quickly and there are several pledges that almost match each other item for item, possibly because of tremendous demand. Just 4 days into the project and it has already far surpassed its $30,000 goal, having won over 18,783 backers and amassed $1,676,019 in total funding, with 29 days to go. It’s no Ouya, but that was fast. The developers are thinking about adding a stretch goal of a pen stand and tips of different thicknesses.


Those who want a piece of the 3Doodler can still get their pen with a whole lot of plastic, but will have to wait until January 2014 for deliveries to reach. There is even a WobbleWorks special edition for $10,000 which includes a really special bonus – membership to the company’s exclusive beta testing mailing list.