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10 3D Maze Games

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3D maze games are all about mind-boggling puzzles and complicated labyrinths. If you love dabbling in the sort that makes you dizzy, then you’ve come to the right place. The brainteasers we’ve lined up for you are certainly an amazing lot. Although most of the options we’ve gathered are fashioned exclusively for portable gadgets, there’s one gem that allows you to interact with riddle-based titles through your browser.

1 – Realmaze3D:

Game 1

As the name quite aptly suggests, the first candidate indeed offers you a 3D experience, directly from the confines of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The aim here is to make your way to the top by zipping up and down a number of ladders strewn across the puzzle. Employ the touch or tilt functionality of the iDevice or even use a combination of both.

YouTube video

There are 5 different puzzle sizes that range from Tiny to Insane. See how fast you can escape and even challenge enthusiasts situated across the globe in the daily challenge.

Price: $1.99

2 – 3D Maze:

Game 2

When you opt for this game, you can expect to be bombarded with unlimited, randomly generated puzzles. There are small, medium and large puzzles to take advantage of so even if you dive in for a quickie, you’ll be blessed with a session that transpires over a short time span. Choose from classic themes such as a stone labyrinth or a colorful hedge type, among others. And thanks to the integration of OpenFeint, you can set a high score, challenge friends to surpass your digits and even unlock achievements.

Price: $1.99

3 – Maze 100:

Game 3

The maker of this particular title calls on players to scurry through 100 challenging labyrinths absolutely free of cost. This entrant in our maze games array comprises of various-sized puzzles that range from 10 x 10 to 100 x 100 grids. Hurry and find your way out of the 3D labyrinths if you wish to acquire a good score and challenge your friends to beat the same. Make use of power ups strewn across your path to slow down or speed up the game. The title also supports up to 4-player multiplayer.

Price: Free

4 – aMAZEing 3D Maze:

Game 4

Make your way through full 3D labyrinths, all from a first person perspective. In order to complete a labyrinth in the aMAZEing 3D game, you’ll have to gather all the gems scattered along the way. You can opt for your desired puzzle size and even the number of jewels to find so you’re never left with the same type each time you play. Furthermore, the game provides players with an endless option of confusing paths as well as responsive controls.

Price: $0.99

5 – 3D Maze Game:

Game 5

This fifth option is a stunning 3D environment Flash puzzle that can be played directly through your internet browser. Here, players must guide the blue ball along the white string until it reaches the brown ball. The randomly generated puzzle is certainly addictive in nature and even has you putting on your thinking cap. Although it may look simple enough, ‘things aren’t always what they seem.’

Price: Free

6 – Marbles Multiball 3D:

Marbles Multiball 3D

Another free gem slides its way into our maze games list in the form of Marbles Multiball 3D. The title in question is filled with a plethora of strategically placed traps, ramps and slopes. You will need to employ realistic physics in order to successfully pass through each labyrinth.

YouTube video

Tilt your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gadget to guide the many orbs though atmospheric 3D levels. There are more than 42 challenging stages, intuitive accelerometer control and great sound effects to avail of here.

Price: Free

7 – Elements+ Maze:

Game 7

Our seventh candidate brings forth a multi-floor puzzle title. Get ready to face the elements such as blazing flames and chills of ice as you traverse through the different levels strewn across the game. In single player mode, you can challenge your loved ones and see who emerges out of the labyrinth first.

YouTube video

Each randomly generated puzzle comes complete with multiple floors and a new mess of paths, so things never get repetitive. You can further customize your character and unlock bigger puzzle plains with the coins earned during your complex escapades.

Price: Free

8 – Agro’s Maze:

Game 8

In the Next Generation HQ offering, you get to step into the shoes of a cute, funny alien called Agro. As you race to the Big Moon Bean, you can collect ‘moon beans’ along the way which can later be converted into coins. This in-game currency can then be used for unlocking more levels, characters and accessories. What’s more, the inclusion of the randomizer lets you get your hands on a new puzzle every time. Indulge in single player mode if you wish to go in solo or avail of the multiplayer one for challenging your pals.

Price: Free

9 – Maze Walkers:

Game 9

If you’re on the lookout for more puzzle fun without having to part ways with your cents, we’ve just the thing for you. The next inclusion in our maze games roster is a title that offers you randomly generated labyrinths on the fly. Like a few of others in this list, it allows you to gather gems along the way for unlocking more features and characters. Experience the thrill of a fun multiplayer racing game. And with GameCenter, you’ll be able to play against any opponent anywhere, anytime.

Price: Free

10 – Aetherium II – The Voyage:

Aetherium II - The Voyage

For just under a dollar, you’ll get a virtual treasure chest comprising of 200 exciting levels. This includes 100 ‘Avoid the Edges’ as well as Doors, Classic and Tunnels levels. And if 3D labyrinth goodness is your cup of tea, there are 25 First Person puzzles of that sort thrown into the mix as well. Your goal here is to find your way back to your home planet by completing all the stages and earning 3 stars while you’re at it.

Price: $0.99


The aforementioned 3D maze games will surely have you glued to your handset, tablet or PC for hours on end. The aim of this genre is to get to the exit and out of the labyrinth, usually with the best time. Sounds simple enough. Au contraire, it involves a lot of intricacies and definitely much thinking power to get to the other end of the twisted pathways. So which ones managed to baffle you long enough?