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Microsoft Edge Browser Updated With Kids Mode To Lend Safer Internet Experience

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Microsoft has introduced a new Kids Mode for its Edge browser that will make it easy for parents to customize a better and safer web experience for their kids.

The Kids Mode allows parents to customize the browsing experience of their kids depending on the child’s age. Currently, parents can choose the appropriate experience for their kid’s ages from 5-8 and 9-12.

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“With many of our kids spending so much more time online and many parents and families sharing devices, we have been working on a solution and are excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Edge Kids Mode!” the company said in a blogpost on Thursday.

“Kids Mode gives parents peace of mind by providing a protected online environment as their kids browse the web on a shared device,” the company added.

Regardless of the age group, Kids Mode limits the sites that kids will have access to from the get-go there are about 70 popular kid sites that are allowed, but users can fully customize the list in a couple of clicks in Microsoft Edge settings.

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“If your kid tries to navigate to a site outside of that allowed list, they will be greeted with a friendly block page, encouraging them to either ask for permission or try navigating elsewhere,” the company said.

Unique to the older age range (9-12) is an age-appropriate news feed on the New Tab Page with specially curated articles from MSN for Kids. These article topics range from animals to science, to fun facts  bringing fun and entertainment to their fingertips.

When it’s time to exit Kids Mode, an authentication from a parent will be required just to be sure if the child isn’t accidentally trying to navigate somewhere the parent doesn’t want them to.

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“We believe this is a game-changer for parents who are juggling all the demands of life today,” the company said.