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3 Unique Games Like Stray

Cat With PlayStation Controller Stray, by developer BlueTwelve and publisher Annapurna Interactive, took the world by storm when it was launched last year. The furry protagonist pounced into players’ hearts and clawed its way into the top categories at the 2022 Game Awards, taking home the trophy for Best Indie Game of the Year.

The combination of a cute character in a stunningly beautiful cyberpunk city with an enthralling story and masterful puzzles had both humans and felines across the globe soaking up this indie darling. Did you finish Stray and are looking to enjoy more adventures on four paws? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. If you love Stray, these titles will surely spark your interest.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered 

One of the standout features of Stray is the possibility to really behave like a cat. From knocking paint cans and bottles off high places and messing up piles of books to clawing at rugs and sofas, Stray truly lets you be a cat. If you enjoyed this part of the cat adventure, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered will get your inner cat purring.

Similar to the outrageous and hilarious game Goat Simulator, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered is all about causing chaos. You play a cat, just this time from the first-person perspective, who’s going on a feline rampage. Paw, claw, and pounce at anything you like, knock things over, tear curtains apart, and leave a trail of destruction that will make your fellow cat friends proud.


If you enjoyed Stray’s beautiful world inviting you to explore on four paws, Tunic might be a great alternative. In this isometric action game available on consoles and PC, you jump into the fur of a little fox who has to navigate a vast open world, face challenges and demanding enemies, and solve all types of clever puzzles to uncover the mysteries of that strange world.

Like Stray, you don’t speak the local language, making communication hard at times. Instead of a flying droid, you get a manual to help you understand the world around you and find your way to your ultimate goal.


Solving creative puzzles in a beautifully designed world to make it to your destination was one of the main parts of Stray. Humanity takes this element even further and has you master all types of ever-more challenging puzzles with a canine protagonist. It’s a puzzle-platforming game that puts a Shiba Inu in charge of leading humanity to salvation.

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While Stray didn’t have any humans, Humanity sure does, as you, the dog, are tasked with commanding swarms of people across tricky terrain and around complicated obstacles to their ultimate destination. It also features a strange story that leads you through over 90 levels teeming with puzzles.

Just like Stray, it’s available in the PlayStation Plus games catalog, so if you’re a subscriber, you can play it at no additional cost.

Animals taking the lead

Animal-loving gamers are spoiled for choice, as more games than ever feature furry protagonists. From animal games like FooPets that let you take care of your own virtual pet to life sims with anthropomorphic animals such as the popular Animal Crossing game, you can find games with all kinds of critters in any type of genre. Collect and take care of as many cats as you can in Neko Atsume; run your own cat hotel in Cats Hotel: The Grand Meow; survive as a sugar glider in the wild in AWAY: The Survival Series; or build your beaver society in the city-building game Timberborn (currently in Early Access).

There’s surely no lack of choice even if you’re a casual gamer. The world of classic casino games uses animals as inspiration, for example. Online platforms nowadays offer a large variety of slot machines with all kinds of topics and themes. Experts review and rate platforms and their bonus offers for new players to help users get started. Among them, you can find slots such as Feline Fury, Book of Cats, or The Dog House, all of which show cats and dogs on their reels. Another casual game with short game rounds and simple match-3 mechanics is the free-to-play mobile puzzle game Animal Crush, which lets you combine matching critters to clear the board.

It’s no surprise Stray became the indie darling it is today. If the cat game left you hungry for more adventures on four paws, you have a wide variety of games to choose from that feature furry protagonists. And that’s not all. With upcoming titles such as Revenant Hill, Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean, Party Animals, and more, lots of critters are headed to your screen to keep animal lovers busy for a long time to come.