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3 Top benefits of Tech in the classroom

computer-classroom Technology in classrooms and lecture halls has been a point of heated discussion, especially as the technology available to students continues to become more powerful. The argument against having tech in classrooms is that it reduces engagement between the student and the professor. It’s also argued that simply having more information readily available in classrooms doesn’t mean the information will be interpreted correctly and could lead to more distractions than it’s worth. These methods of thinking don’t take into account the benefits of technology in the classroom or the fact that technology is constantly evolving, and has become a key tool in how we interact with the world.

Students Can Work With Teachers to Dissect Online Information

Remember the days when sourcing Wikipedia was one of the only online worries of a student? Well, now, Wikipedia usually has sources for much of its information, and there’s a wide expanse of opinion-based articles touted as fact. Teachhub also encourages teachers to use technology to give students the tools they need to spot fake news, a skill that is critical in today’s world.

Access to the Cloud

Creating and storing work on the cloud comes with extensive benefits, and opens up opportunities for students to work collaboratively. Saving your files to something like Google Docs means you can take notes or work on an assignment on your personal laptop, then pick up where you left off on another computer. Students working in a group can add, edit, and modify a single living document in real time, which saves time, and allows students to work on their own terms.

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Learning Beyond the Classroom

Students aren’t the only ones harnessing the power of tech in the classroom. Some teachers create message boards and forums dedicated to their class. There, students can discuss projects and even catch up on work if they missed a class. A survey conducted by Edgenuity stated that 70 percent of educators polled said that technology in the classroom is beneficial to the learning process, and can help students with different learning styles. However, the same respondents still have concerns with how the technology is used, and feel that it could be implemented in a better way.

Using Student Loans to Purchase Classroom Technology

Some technology items can be purchased using funds from your student loans. Laptops and tablets often qualify for this benefit, but it’s important to check with your lender before assuming you can go this route.

The increasing technology in today’s classroom puts more responsibility on students to use it appropriately. Having the information superhighway at your fingertips also means having distractions at your fingertips are as well. While this sounds like a negative thing, students most likely will have those same distractions when they join the workforce. Learning to work effectively while surrounded by those distractions in college makes it that much easier to be a greater asset in the workplace.

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It will be very interesting to see where technology takes us in the next decade. Having a good framework for working with technology in the classroom will help us be better prepared for more advanced tech down the road.