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3 Steps To Back Up iPhone Data Without iTunes – Dearmob iPhone Manager Giveaway

Dearmob iPhone Manager

For those who use iOS devices a lot, one consensus that’s always easy to arrive at is that iTunes is a complicated service to use. Whether it be on a PC or a Mac, the iTunes interface is convoluted and easy to forget. If you use it after a long time, chances are you will have forgotten how to use it. But what if there’s a way to avoid all that frustration? Dearmob iPhone Manager is a program that has been created with that exact purpose. It simplifies the process of backing up your iDevices, while also providing a host of other interesting and useful features.

One click does it all. You can instruct the service to back up everything on your iPhone or iPad, so that you can clear the much-needed space on your devices, or even bring that data over to a new device you are setting up. Dearmob iPhone Manager can store everything from your photos, videos, eBooks, apps, SMSs, calendars, contacts, music and more on your PC or Mac. It moreover, even allows partial backups, which is not possible with the sync feature of iTunes. So if you want to backup iPhone without iTunes, Dearmob is your best bet.

Dearmob iPhone Manager Interface

As soon as you enter the program, the interface greets you with its simple an unimposing appearance, which is a far cry from what iTunes has on offer. A tiny indicator on the top left corner will let you know if your iPhone or iPad is connected or not. If it isn’t, that’s your cue for using the USB cable to connect your device to the computer and tapping the ‘Trust This Computer’ button to get things started. You can then click on the Backup option to begin the process. Once you confirm this, everything from your phone will get backed up on your computer within minutes. The speed at which this process takes place is really astounding. It is able to transfer around 1000 photographs within a span of just 2 minutes.

Putting the backed up data into a new phone is also a piece of cake. In the Backup section, you’ll find an option named ‘Restore backup files.’ This is where you can select your previously backed up iPhone files to have them brought onto your new device. But this process involves backing up the entire contents of your device. If you want to choose exactly what you want to store away, Dearmob iPhone Manager allows you to do that as well. Tapping on the Photo icon lets you back up your images. Those photos are categorized under several sections, so it becomes easy to back up only the selected chunks. You can even use the drag-and-drop method to transfer content here. And just like photos, you can use the same method of music, contacts, apps and more.


If you’re wondering about the security features of this program, you should know that it comes with password protection and more importantly, encryption support. Before backing up your phone, a prompt at the bottom allows you to bring this into effect. This means no one other than you will be able to view your content unless they have your password. This feature is not mandatory, but we’d advise to use it keeping in mind the various security threats lurking out there.

Dearmob iPhone Manager’s user interface is the main reason why it’s better than iTunes in so many ways. Seldom will you find yourself spending more time than needed in it. Everything is well labeled, with prompts explaining exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the desired output.

iPhone Manager

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This is a paid program, which is well worth the cash. You can download its trial version right now to test it out. It allows you to transfer a limited amount of data every day. But the real deal is indeed the full version, which costs $39.95 for a yearly license. If you want this for free, you can immediately rush over the giveaway page we’ve linked in the space above to be some of the few who will get a copy of Dearmob iPhone Manager free of charge.