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3 New Ways People Consume Entertainment

You can see here how people change their entertainment habits

The industry of entertainment is changing rapidly. It follows the needs of people. They are fond of modern technology, and thus, they alter their needs regarding fun.

The Era of Television

Do you remember when a TV was a breakthrough discovery? It wasn’t long ago. If you still have one, then you should consider checking out android TV Box. With this box, you won’t need a satellite dish to watch your favorite TV channels, and there is no monthly subscription needed.

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You can see here how people change their entertainment habits

Using Mobile Phones as Fun Gadgets

The era of smart mobile phones has just begun, and they are spreading like wildfire. It’s estimated that more than half of the human population has a mobile phone, and the percentage of mobile users is still growing rapidly.

We are all accustomed to our smartphones and spend several hours a day using them. Calls and messages are no longer their only purpose. Nowadays, we use our mobile phones as entertainment. Considering the amount of time we spend every day using them, this isn’t strange at all.

If you add to that the fact that now we have access to millions of games, then using a smartphone as entertainment makes sense. They are even a threat to all other fun gadgets because, as long as we have our smartphones, we don’t need anything else.

The Role of Social Media

The social media expansion affected how we consume entertainment. The number of people who have profiles on social networks is growing, and it has reached billions of users. The amount of time we spend browsing our newsfeeds is immense. Why we do it? The only answer is for fun.

Social media emerged as a way of connecting people, but its role has changed. Now we aren’t only looking for friends, but also using it as entertainment. We are looking for the latest news in our newsfeed, and don’t search for them online somewhere else. Forget newspapers, just grab your phone.

Virtual and Mixed Reality

What is virtual reality? It’s a software-generated environment that we perceive as real. Although it is still evolving, it is changing the way we consume entertainment.

It affects not only video games, but also movies, and even social media sites. Its purpose was to provide the user with a full sensory gaming experience, but then it started to make its way into mainstream entertainment. Nowadays, using the right equipment, you can have a tour in a virtual museum, and walk around it as if you are really there.

Moreover, you will have access to virtual theaters, art galleries, theme parks, and even music festivals. Many people have started to enjoy this type of entertainment, and it seems that it will alter the way we consume it.


Advancements in technology have changed not only the way we do business but also the way we entertain ourselves. There was a time when black and white TV was the ultimate source of fun.

Now, we have smart TVs, smartphones, social media sites, and even virtual reality as entertainment media. The conclusion is that we have made significant advancements in this field, and there are more innovations heading our way.