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2G Tuesdays will simulate slow Internet connections for Facebook employees

Facebook is spread all over the globe, and most of its audience comes from nations that are classified as developing. A large amount of people from these territories access the social network using very slow Internet connections than the ones used by the company’s employees over at their massive Menlo Park complex.

The Facebook management hence wants them to get an idea about the troubles faced by those living in emerging markets. It has decided to do that by launching a 2G Tuesdays program under which its employees will get to experience slow Internet speeds once a week.

Before you start feeling bad for them, you should take note of the fact that this is an opt-in program, meaning that they will have their speeds reduced only if they wish to. On Tuesdays, all those working for the firm will receive a pop-up that will provide them with the option to simulate a 2G connection. The slow speed will last for one whole hour, before it’s switched back to normal again.


Hoping that this will help bridge the ‘empathy gap’ between Silicon Valley and emerging markets, the company predicts that it will enable its workers to create design features that work seamlessly even on 2G networks. According to The Next Web, Facebook’s engineering director Tom Alison has told Business Insider that this will not only allow employees to improve their product, but also let them see the places where they have made progress.

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Another evidence of the firm’s focus on developing nations is the Facebook Lite app which was launched back in June this year. This utility is provides a stripped down version of the social network’s main app, to support slow Internet connections.