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$29 iBall Vogue 2.8-D6 feature phone makes Mozilla’s $25 handset sound like a dream

iBall has just introduced a brand new Vogue 2.8-D6 in India for Rs 1,799 (around $29). We’re talking about a feature phone here and not a cheap Android smartphone. The device sports a 2.8-inch WQVGA screen and the standard keypad you’d expect to find on a phone of its ilk.

The Vogue 2.8-D6 is bare of features that would make it an interesting handset to a lot of people. But as one reader reminded us when we wrote about Maxx Mobile’s 26 phone launches, we’ve got to ‘be kind’ to those who think of this as a good option. Agreed.

iBall Vogue 2.8-D6

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The device is clearly built for folks after a very basic phone and can’t pretend to be otherwise. Apart from the 2.8-inch non-touch display we mentioned above, it sports a 1.3MP camera on the rear and Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated 1450mAh battery is said to offer roughly 7.5 hours of talk time.

The handset also has Java support, storage for up to 300 SMS messages and 1000 contacts, torch, auto call recording and so on. The thing is, if feature phones like these which are extremely affordable cost $29, can Mozilla dream of Firefox OS devices priced at $25 being a sustainable concept?

iBall Feature Phone

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iBall Vogue 2.8-D6 specs and features:

– 2.8-inch WQVGA screen, non-touch
– 1.3MP camera on rear panel
– Up to 16GB expandable memory
– Torch, auto call recording, mobile tracker
– 300 SMS and 1000 phonebook entries
– Java support enabled for apps and games
– GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity
– 1450mAh battery

The Rs 1,799 we mentioned above is the best buy price of the iBall phone. It’s MRP is marked at Rs 1,945. eBay and HomeShop18 are currently vending it for Rs 1,699.

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