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Managing a Dedicated Software Development Team

software-development Managing a team isn’t easy, there’s always complications and difficulties that need to be addressed so that each member knows what they’re doing. But as a leader, you need to know how to manage your team so that your project can be completed before the deadline.

That being said, here’s our advice on how to effectively manage your dedicated development teams!

Remove Distractions

Making software takes concentration and a detailed plain. The more complex the software, the more logical relations your team will have to create. When removing distractions from the work environment, your development team can concentrate faster and more efficiently.

For example, workers will have the need to check their social media status of their smartphone. This can reduce their concentration immensely. For some, these distractions reduce the quality of their work and make them less likely to complete their project.

We suggest that you tell your developers to place their mobile devices in an area where it won’t be too much of a distraction. As a result, you’ll gain more employee productivity and complete the project within a reasonable time frame.

Set Clear Roles and Responsibilities

While your teammates have common goals, great teams have individual responsibilities that are clearly defined. They trust each other to play their role and help in getting projects complete.

Also, they’ll hold each other accountable for completing their promises.

This also relates to leadership roles in your company. They must be able to know who is responsible for product, design, or technical decisions. Communicating these responsibilities to your staff in writing is a great way to ensure that the team is successful.

Basically defining responsibilities is a major part of creating a productive team. It allows your works to focus on their contribution to the project and trust the other workers will complete theirs. Also, it prevents frustration and misunderstanding that most poorly defined roles have.

This is true especially when the leadership isn’t defined. People become frustrated, decisions take longer, and the outcomes aren’t clear. Explaining the responsibilities throughout the project helps everyone stay on board and know what they have to do to help complete the project.


Teams that have too many internal obstacles have difficulty succeeding. Great teams need their own freedom to find their way and experiment with the project. Give them space to develop their own culture and internal process. Having too much company control will make this difficult.

Strong teams also work better as a self-contained unit. The team members can share the skills and ideas needed to create their products. Thus, meaning they can complete work without having to use external resources. Giving them this independence helps them move quickly and stay focused.

You have to consider if your company is making the team building process difficult. Do you have procedures that are unnecessary and slows down the tea? Do you have too much control on the process or tools your members use? Do your workers have access to the resources needed to complete the project? Are the teams highly dependent on each other?


To conclude, your software team needs to have your guidance to help them thrive. But also, you have to give them some independence so that they can complete your project without any issues. Thus, keep track of your team and encourage them to succeed so that your project will be finished and produce the best results possible.