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Dropbox Education introduced for schools and colleges

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There are many online resources and apps for students to take advantage of such as paraphraser by EduBirdie, Khan Academy, CK-12, Coursera, Evernote, GoConqr, Dragon Dictation and good old Google Scholar. But few address storage needs; which is where the Dropbox Education service comes in.

In an effort to provide a solution to the ever-growing cloud storage requirements of students from all over the world, Dropbox has launched its brand new Education service for schools and colleges. This paid facility is extremely similar to the Business version of the service, but is being made available at a much cheaper price.

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Dropbox Education is available in exchange of just $49 per user for a whole year. But this is only when you have a minimum of 300 users onboard as an educational institute. As for the Business version of the cloud storage service, it can cost you anything from $150 to $300 per user every year.

The only major difference between the two is that while the enterprise customers are offered unlimited storage, the students will only be provided with 15GB per user. That means 300 students will be able to share 4500GB worth of Dropbox storage space between them.

Educational institutes that adopt this new service will be able to tightly manage all the users, while also monitoring their activity and controlling their sharing permissions with the help of just one admin console. Data shared by the users is moreover secured with multiple layers of protection.

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The apps that the students will be able to access will work just like the normal Dropbox app. They will be able to view their files online as well as offline, while stuff like cross-device sync will be enabled as well. This new education-focused service also works in collaboration with other education tools like Blackboard, Turnitin and Moodle.

Schools and colleges can now sign up for Dropbox Education in order to reap the benefits of this new service.

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