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16 Awesome Gold iPhones and iPhone Cases

Awesome gold iPhones

Gold iPhone Limited Lucky 8 Edition

Love gold? The following are the most brilliant gold iPhones and iPhone cases ever made. And boy, do some of them glitter just like stars.

Many enterprising individuals and firms have made a business out of producing gold iPhones embedded with precious stones as fast as Apple releases its new launches into the market. We’re talking about the real thing here, not just a coat of shiny paint.

So without further ado, here’s our list of the most awesome gold iPhones and iPhone cases to date. Beginning with the more expensive options, feast your eyes on the limited edition Lucky 8 iPhone 6S by Goldgenie. Its back panel carries the Chinese symbol for the number 8.

It is associated with wealth and balance, and is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture. The device is shipped SIM-free in a cherry oak finish box and costs about Rs 2,46,300 for 64GB. The body is finished in 24 karat gold and laser engraved with the number 8.

Diamond and gold iPhone

Brikk Diamond And Gold iPhone

What does a $200000 (Rs 1,32,62,000) smartphone look like? You can see the answer below. This dazzling display of precious stones is a creation of Brikk which boasts of manufacturing couture products and accessories, including a seriously unnecessary gold and diamond dog harness.

The handset pictured below is called the Lux iPhone 6s Omni. It is studded with 50 carats of diamonds. The body is covered with two layers of pure 24 karat yellow gold.You can get it in 18 karat pink gold or 950 platinum variants too. Yup, the Apple logo is hidden under sparklers.

Gold iPhone with diamond Apple logo

Gold iPhone With Diamond Logo This third minimalist option originates from Goldgenie too. If you can call plating your iPhone in gold ‘minimal,’ that is. The device is covered in 24 karat gold and shows off black accents on the back. The Goldgenie signature sits unobtrusively at the bottom.

The Apple logo is embedded with Swarovski crystals. It’s a pretty simple and elegant design for those who don’t want to go crazy on the bling. The 128GB capacity sells for about Rs 2,65,450. Platinum and rose gold versions are also up for purchase.

Red and gold iPhone

Red And Gold iPhone

Forget the number 8; how about this royal iPhone cover with a dragon guarding its back? It can be custom made just for you in gold, platinum or rose gold with sparklers. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a representation of power, strength and luck for folks worthy of it.

Those who can afford this gold case probably have all three on their side anyway. This creation comes from the house of Lucca Italo and appears to have been made for a particular client. But you can still get something similar if you’ve fallen in love with the design.

Rose gold iPhone

Pink Gold iPhone 6

Another masterpiece from Brikk for folks who are not just attracted to shiny objects, but can afford them too. Here is the oddly named Lux iPhone 6 Plus Diamonds Select smartphone in 18 karat pink gold. It can also be ordered in yellow gold or platinum.

Don’t the gems on the Apple logo and frame simply draw your eyes in? The stones boast of being 12.8 carat ‘natural perfect diamonds.’ Since each piece can be customized according to the purchaser’s preferences, the price varies.

Black and gold iPhone

Black And Gold iPhone

The Bellagio series by Lucca Italo has the most understated look of the entire bunch. Buyers get to choose the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus in yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. But instead of having the metal all over, the Black Carbon model only uses it as highlighting.

The phone is made waterproof, coated with a scratch- and fingerprint-free protector, and plated with black matte carbon fiber. The buttons and Apple logo are layered with 24 karat gold and then inlaid with 2 carat GVVS1 certified diamonds. Price on request.

Rebecca Minkoff gold studded iPhone case

Gold Studded iPhone Case

Can’t afford an iPhone dripping with diamonds and gold? How about a stunning case to wrap it in instead? Rebecca Minkoff’s metallic case for the Apple handset will make users stand apart from the crowd. It’s a 3D design dotted with pyramid studs.

Priced at $38 (about Rs 2500), the cover is painted with a high gloss shine coating and promises to offer tough protection. Just don’t buy it if you don’t like shades of bronze gold. It’s a looker all right, but definitely darker than regular yellow gold.

Obliq champagne gold iPhone cover

Oblig Gold iPhone Cover

The Obliq Slim Meta Series case might be more to your taste if you like a light gold color. We know Apple sells its devices in a similar metallic hue too. But you’ll still have to keep it safe from bumps and it doesn’t come with the protection that this Obliq wrap guarantees.

Nailed at $15 (approximately Rs 1000) currently, the gold iPhone cover in question can be bought in other colors like silver, pink, gray, red and mint. With its 1mm raised lip along the front edges, it prevents the handset’s screen from rubbing against a surface when placed face down.

Lux Addiction gold iPhone case

3D Gold iPhone Case
The 3D gold iPhone case from Lux Addition pictured below might seem like sensory overkill at first glance. Stare at the little details for a bit more time and it’s simply hypnotizing! This particular model is called the Golden Glory and features a tassel charm too.

It costs $60 (roughly Rs 4000) and comes decorated with Swarovski stones, Australian crystals and other bits of jewelry. All of the pieces are stuck to the hard shell cover using a specialized glue. Extra replacement crystals are shipped to customers along with the accessory.

Case-Mate gold iPhone cover


Falling under Case-Mate’s Barely There series, this next gold iPhone skin is plain, yet elegant. The concentric gold circles might remind some of Asus’ design language. Its uncommon appearance really makes it stand apart from other cases available in the market.

Selling for $40 (almost Rs 2650), the lightweight hard plastic cover envelopes the iPhone thoroughly while still leaving openings for its various ports and buttons. It’s golden all right, but doesn’t scream ‘Apple’ to us. Still, we know a few blokes who love the pattern.

Case-Mate gold leaf iPhone skin

Gold Leaf iPhone Cover

The Case-Mate ‘gold leaf’ cover is inspired by the Lucite (type of sturdy plastic) handbag trend of the 1950s and the 1960s. Dubbed the iPhone 6 Karat case, it shows off a semi-transparent build. The acrylic used to craft it is mixed in with real gold foil.

The skin has a dual-layer design and includes a protective bumper to save your iPhone from minor routine damage. It is priced at $50 (roughly Rs 3300) and features color-coordinated metal button accents. To sum it up, it’s a statement piece worth buying.

Lux Addiction 3D gold iPhone cover


Here’s another piece of eye candy from Lux Addiction for those who really would like their iPhone cover to pop and not just glimmer quietly. It’s referred to as the ‘golden stones’ design. It looks like a chunk of meteor made of gold and diamonds to us.

The best part about ordering this case from the aforesaid manufacturer is that you can request for lot of changes to the final product at no extra charge. So you could potentially be paying $60 (about Rs 4000) for a highly personalized and unique accessory.

Minimal Gold Glitter Stripes iPhone skin

Classy Gold iPhone Case

The Minimal Gold Glitter Stripes iPhone skin is the ultimate in retro chic; correct us if we’re wrong. There are few shiny case designs as classy and feminine as this. Who knew fine black stripes on white sharing space with a solid gold bottom could look this elegant?

With an asking price of $35 (Rs 2300), the slim cover won’t start shedding its shine over time. The golden part of it is just an effect. So thankfully, there’s no glitter that could start falling off and getting into your hair, your bag, your clothes and everything else.

Gold Ombre Glitter Sand iPhone case

Ombre Gold iPhone Case

If rose gold is more of your ‘bling,’ here’s one from the brand Uncommon. It sports a pleasantly shaded appearance, the colors getting darker and darker towards the bottom. It comes under the Clearly Deflector Case series and is described as the Rose Gold Ombre Glitter Sand Look.

Just like the previous candidate, this accessory also sports the glitter effect. You don’t have to worry about finding shiny sand-like particles on your person. It costs $47 (approximately Rs 3100), has an anti-glare camera ring, and snaps into place without any trouble at all.

Vintage Mid Fifties gold iPhone cover

Vintage Gold iPhone Skin

Drawing inspiration from the mid-fifties is this next gold iPhone case from Case-Mate. The textured design makes it seem like the cover is weaved out of metallic strips. It prides itself on being a member of the slim Barely There series in spite of being impact resistant.

This protective layer is manufactured from lightweight durable hard plastic. It sells for $42.20 (around Rs 2800) and the same pattern can be purchased in extra tough variants too. The overall look is old-fashioned and understated. But who says that’s a bad thing?

Champagne gold iPhone case

Champagne Gold iPhone Case

This last gold iPhone case is for those who love bling but would like to keep their affection for it on the down-low. It’s gold, but not glaringly bright yellow. Case-Mate offers it as part of the Glam collection and calls it the Naked Tough cover.

‘Naked’ because the case is actually see-through but inlaid with glitter. ‘Tough’ because it features improved impact- and shock-resistance. It has a smooth finish, color-coordinated metal button accents and protective bumper. It ships for $35 (approximately Rs 2300) only.