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2019 iPhone to sport triple-lens camera for better AR, zoom

The 2019 iPhone series is shaping up to be a very interesting lineup. A new report by the Economic Daily News claims that at least one of the handsets will boast of a triple camera setup.

2019 iPhone Triple Camera
Image Credit: Martin Hajek/iDrop News

This isn’t the first time we’ve been hearing about the 2019 iPhone getting blessed with 3 lenses. The latest one comes via a research note by Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu. He thinks Apple is switching to the system to allow for advanced 3D sensing via stereoscopic vision.

According to Lu’s analysis, 2 of the sensors will capture images of a single object from various angles. The iPhone then triangulates the distance between itself and the object. This makes way for enhanced augmented reality, blending the real world with virtual imagery.

2019 iPhone Zoom Capabilities

As for the third camera, Lu thinks that it will have a longer focal length. This, in turn, ensures better zoom capabilities, perhaps even 3x optical zoom. Optical zoom is considered superior to digital zoom since it results in less blurry photos. Notably, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus max out at 2x optical zoom.

Bloomberg had previously reported that the 2019 iPhone would get a new 3D sensor at the back. The module is apparently meant to facilitate more immersive AR experiences and enhanced depth perception. However, the publication believes that Apple will employ a time-of-flight approach to create a 3D image, not a triple-lens setup.

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We won’t know for sure which article is correct until more information pours in about the 2019 iPhone series. This might take a while since 2018 is still in full swing and the next batch of iPhones haven’t even made their debut yet. We’ll keep our ears pressed to the ground in case anything new pops up till then.