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2019 iPhone to grab improved Face ID system

iPhone X Face ID

2018’s iPhone and iPad mysteries are officially over, meaning it’s time for speculation about the 2019 iPhone and 2020 iPad to begin. Noted Apple predictor Ming-Chi Kuo has emerged to provide fuel to these rumors in a new note.

Kuo (via 9to5Mac) believes the 2019 iPhones will feature better Face ID technology. The TrueDepth Camera behind it hasn’t changed too much since the iPhone X. It seems Apple is going to boost the power of the flood illuminator which beams out light onto a user’s face.

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2019 iPhone Gets Better Face ID

Increasing the power should help reduce the chances of external environmental light interfering with Face ID. On the consumer’s end, less interface means fewer chances of the unlock mechanism failing to recognize their face. This does tend to occur from time to time for some, so the improved system is good news.

Kuo also had some words to say about the 2020 iPhone. Apparently, Apple is going to affix a time-of-flight (ToF) camera to the back of the handset for 3D functionality. The system will allow TrueDepth Camera IR features to be possible from the rear instead of just the front.

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Interestingly, the analyst thinks Apple will add these fancy 3D skills to the next-gen iPad first followed by the iPhone. The next iPad should come out by Q4 2019 or Q1 2020. Other than a time-of-flight camera, it’s not clear what other upgrades it might have over the current 2018 version.

Kuo has previously talked about Apple releasing the iPad mini 5 sometime next year, serving as a low-cost option to its larger cousins. It probably won’t have any 3D camera tools since that would increase the price. The series hasn’t been refreshed since 2015, so a replacement is desperately needed. Rumor has it the tablet will have a new processor to speed things up.

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