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2018 iPhones to ship with 18W USB-C fast charger

iPhone Charger Leak

We’ve already heard rumors about Apple bundling an 18W charger with this year’s trio of iPhones, and now a new report has backed up this rumor and added a few photos along the way. A site called ChargerLab claims to have gotten hold of information from sources inside the production line and drew up some renders based on that.

The report should ideally be taken with a pinch of salt since the website doesn’t have a reliable track record of leaks. Still, the story itself makes sense since Apple has received a lot of justified criticism over the fact that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X all support fast charging but don’t come with the necessary charger to enable it.

The accessory above is apparently what the European plug for the 2018 iPhones will look like. It’s a significant break from the smaller, square-shaped charger available now. The biggest change lies in the port, as Apple appears to have switched from USB-A to USB-C.

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This is a big deal, since most computers feature USB-A slots. The main exception to this is the MacBook line, which in recent years has switched completely to USB-C. Customers will thus have to buy an adapter if they want to connect their iPhone to their PC or laptop.

In exchange for sacrificing the convenience of a USB-A connector, iPhone owners might be getting 18W USB-C power delivery, much faster than the 5W speeds provided by the current charger. It’s about time too, seeing as how Android phones have been offering this functionality for years.