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2018 iPhones might be more expensive than you think

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A number of reports over the past few months have been saying the same thing – the 2018 iPhones are going to be cheaper than the 2017 iPhones. Here to shatter this assumption is a new research note by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

As reported by CNBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch thinks Apple is going to price its iPhones higher than what everybody else is predicting. It believes the company is going to rate the iPhones for value and expects customers to pay more for the new generation.

2018 iPhone Prices

According to the note, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone might cost $799 (roughly Rs 57397), the 5.8-inch iPhone Xs might go for $999 (approx Rs 71764), and the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max might sell at $1049 (around Rs 75356). This is much higher than other estimates which think the order will probably start at $699, $799, and $999, respectively.

It’s clear that no one really knows how Apple is going to go about pricing its phones. Everyone is hoping it’ll go lower than before, but it might just stick to its guns and continue its trend of making even more expensive iPhone models.

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This practice benefitted Apple last year since it sold the same amount of iPhones as before but at a higher average selling price of $724 thanks to the $999 iPhone X. This left Wall Street happy and helped the brand become the first $1 trillion company in the world.

On the other hand, folks have argued that the iPhone X didn’t sell as well as Apple had hoped and the firm would want to reverse things this year with more affordable rates. There were also reports that it had negotiated cheaper rates for components like the OLED display.

Unless something more substantial shows up, we’ll just have to wait till Apple’s September 12 event to find out the truth of the matter.