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2018 iPhones, iPads show up on Apple EEC filings

2018 iPad iPhone
Image Credit: MacRumors

We recently heard about a whole bunch of iPads and MacBooks showing up in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)’s database. Consomac now reports that Apple has registered a couple more MacBooks and iPads, throwing in some iPhones for good measure.

The Eurasian database is a pretty good indicator of upcoming products. The 2018 set of MacBook Pros were present on the list under the model numbers A1989 and A1990 just a week before Apple suddenly released them. Interestingly enough, the company has listed a MacBook with the model number A1988 which hasn’t gotten announced yet.

2018 MacBook Pro, 2018 iPad Speculation

The A1988 might just be an updated 2018 MacBook Pro without Touch Bar. This particular version wasn’t around in yesterday’s announcements, leaving people with the 2017 variant as their only non-Touch Bar option.

In addition to the 5 iPads which were leaked last time, Apple has now added 2 more iterations. This brings the list to 7 new iPads namely A1876, A1895, A1934, A1979, A1980, A2013, and A2014. All of them strangely run on iOS 11, but this will probably change as the tablets get closer to launch. There should be a new iPad Pro among them, perhaps in 2 different sizes.

Each iPad will further be divided into Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + LTE models. Consomac speculates that a iPad mini 5 might be launched. There could even be a classic iPad with Touch ID as an entry-level option. The 2018 iPad is expected to reduce bezels, get rid of the home button, and introduce Face ID to the tablet series.

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As for the iPhones, there are 11 different model numbers – A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105, and A2106. All the units are running iOS 12, a big hint that these are the 2018 iPhones coming in September.

There are 3 clearly distinguished devices in the list namely A19, A20, and A21. These could correspond to the budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, 5.8-inch iPhone X, and 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, respectively.