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2017 iPhone to sport virtual home button

iPhone 7 Home Button
iPhone 7 Home Button

Now that the iPhone 7 has been done and dusted with, it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming 2017 iPhone. Much has been said about the latter, with several reports claiming that the handset will be an-all glass creation.

The New York Times has now joined this chorus with a reveal of its own. According to two sources working for Apple, the brand plans to implement a full-screen face complete with a virtual button built directly onto the display. If accurate, this would effectively mean the elimination of the home button.

Apple has already gotten rid of the physical home button in the iPhone 7. Instead of an actual clicking sound and depression, users feel a vibration meant to mimic the feeling of an actual button, similar to how the MacBook’s Force Touch keypads work.

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In that light, removing the button entirely could be seen as the next natural step for Apple to take in its quest to get rid of anything which it deems unnecessary. Rumors so far hint that the 2017 iPhone or iPhone 8 could be a special one meant to celebrate the series’ 10th birthday, necessitating the need for a big change in terms of design.

According to previous reports, the 2017 iPhone may sport an OLED edge-to-edge dual-curved glass screen with a metal frame. This display could be sourced from Samsung which is apparently producing 100 million such panels for Apple. The US-based company is supposedly going to out 3 handsets next year, of which one will measure 5.5 inches or more.